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PF Moves

The Pokémon Factory doesn't just make new species. Sometimes new attacks, stat-changing or other kinds of moves are needed to complete an idea. Listed here are all the new moves that PF pokémon use.

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655 moves.

NameTypePPPowerAccuracyEffectprobGame text
Berry Drink 5------The user drinks a potent draught made from Berries to provide benefits that vary by composition.
Blight 10varies100%--The user draws out the team's strength as a swarm of dangerous insects. More team members equals more attacks.
Cocoon 10------The user spins a cocoon to regain HP and reduce damage. The user is prevented from using contact moves.
Creep 1530100%30%The user lands on the target and crawls creepily. It may also make the target flinch.
Itchy Bite 20--100%100%The user attacks with a faint bite to cause lingering, distracting itchiness that paralyzes the target.
Plague 5------The user summons an enormous swarm of insects to hurt all Pokémon except Bug and Steel types for five turns.
Quick Sting 3040100%--The user haphazardly rushes toward the target stinger-first. This move is certain to strike first.
Siphon Life 1075100%--The user drains all of the target's blood. The user's HP is restored by half the damage inflicted on the target.
Skitter 30------The user darts around on its many legs to raise its Speed and Evasion.
Slug Slime 20--100%--The user smothers the target in a viscous, acidic slime to lower its Defense and Speed stats.
StingerLance 10100100%30%The user raises its abdomen to raise its Defense on the first turn, then stings the target on the next turn. It may poison them.
Betrayal 5--80%--Thoughts of treachery are channeled into the target, causing it to attack its allies for 3 turns.
Black Hole 10------The user forms a dense orb of darkness that lasts for five turns. It hurts all except for Dark types.
Black Web 155590%100%The user traps and attacks opposing Pokémon with a black net. It lowers the targets' Speed stat and may also make the target flinch.
Bribe 15------The user and target exchange items, striking a deal to make the target execute half-powered attacks.
Cackle 1040100%100%Malicious laughter that hits first and makes the target flinch. It only works the first turn the user is in battle.
Chaos 5------The user summons an extradimensional force that causes all combatants to use random moves at random targets for 5 turns.
Chaos Bolt 5Varies90%100%The user fires an unstable energy bolt that varies in power and leaves the target with a random status condition.
Eclipse 5------Light from the sun and moon is blocked out, making moves involving the sun or the moon unusable for three turns.
Faintfear 5------A severe fear of fainting gives the user a chance to survive any attack with at least 1 HP for three turns.
Feed Frenzy 10------The user whips itself into a feeding frenzy for three turns, maxing its Attack but giving recoil to all its moves.
Fiendishplot 550100%--A conspiracy against the foe.
Hiss 20--95%--The user hisses loudly to cow the target, lowering their Attack and Special Attack stats.
Hypochondria 20--85%--The user shares its suffering with the target by convincing them that they have the same condition.
Malice Eater 10100100%--The user eats the thoughts of a disobedient target. Half the damage caused is sent to heal the user's HP.
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NameTypePPPowerAccuracyEffectprobGame text
Miasma Blow 108590%50%The user punches the target with a fist enveloped in a corrupt aura. It may lower Defense.
Midnight 5------The user summons pitch-black darkness for five turns, powering up Dark-type moves.
Mug 560100%--After stealing the foe's item, the user rushes back to switch places with a party Pokémon in waiting.
Mutiny 15--80%--The target's mind is filled with mutinous thoughts, making them disobedient for three turns.
NegativeWave 57095%--Attack with the enemy's weakness.
Overdrive 5----0-100%The user forces its body beyond its limits, raising all of its stats. However, the user may faint.
Pitch-Black 5--100%--All non-100% accuracy moves miss for the rest of the turn.
Power Thief 10--90%--Drain the foe's fighting ability.
Powerstrike 105085%--Aim to lower foe's main strength.
Pure Fear 10------Project raw terror into your enemy.
Sadism 5------The user restores 1/8th of its maximum HP each time the foe loses HP by any means.
Self-inflict 5------Deliberately make self suffer.
Shadow Ray 5120100%--A two-turn attack. The user gathers darkness, then blasts a bundled beam on the second turn.
Sneak Up 203095%--The user sneaks up on the foe and attacks for five turns, doubling in power for each consecutive hit.
Sneer 10--*%--Sneers to sharply weaken target's defenses.
Stealth 15----30%The user hides to raise its evasion. It may also leave the target confused.
Swindle 10------Trick foe into making a bad deal.
Targeting 5------Stressing arrows mark the target's location, causing all attacks to home in on that position.
Teeth Swap 5------The user ejects its worn-down teeth and grows new ones, restoring PP to its biting attacks.
Vital Sieve 10--85%--Slowly draws out the foe's energy.
Backlash 15varies100%--Use the foe's own power against it.
Battle Cry 15------Prepare for an all-out battle.
Bellow 2020100%--A short bellow makes foe tremble.
Breath Blast 1585100%--A volatile gust is exhaled at foe.
Dragon Dream 10------A dream reveals a secret of yore.
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NameTypePPPowerAccuracyEffectprobGame text
Dragon Rise 515090%--Take the foe up to the sky in flames.
Dragon Roar 20------A powerful bellow to terrorize foes.
Dragon Ruins 5------Ancient monoliths enclose the field.
DragonSpirit 109085%--Summon the ancient might of dragons.
Impose 10varies----A frightening presence. The stronger the user and the weaker the foe, the more accurate.
Legacy 5------Pass on your power to your successor.
Life Stream 5------Healing energy floods the arena.
Mystic Aura 106095%--Attack with aura. May cause changes.
Raid 510075%--A risky charge to shatter defenses.
Scale Rain 2060----A shower of loose scales slices foe.
Scale Shield 15------Protect self with steel-hard scales.
Tempest 1010080%--A violent storm that humbles foe.
Tongue Flick 1035100%--An attack with a forked tongue.
Tongue Lash 54080%--An attack with a forked tongue.
War Cry 15------A declaration of war towards foe.
Blitz-charge 10100100%--Fill entire field with electricity.
Elec.magnet 25--90%--Traps certain foes magnetically.
Force Field 5------A containing field surrounds arena.
Haywire 15------User becomes dangerously hyper.
Ion Capture 5------Draw electric energy from charged air.
Lightning 1570100%--A lightning bolt to frighten foe.
Lightninggun 1515100%--Fires a series of small sparks.
Magnet Field 5------Magnetize the area to prevent escape.
Magneticwave 107090%--A magnetic pulse to cut resistance.
Magnetize 10------Magnetize body to boost resistance.
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NameTypePPPowerAccuracyEffectprobGame text
Megavolt 5--30%--Electrocute foe into submission.
Plasma Tail 510075%40%The user whips the target with an ionized tail. It may also leave the target with paralysis or a burn.
Polarity 30--100%10%The user releases a charge. The effect depends on whether the charge is positive, negative or neutral.
Power Surge 110095%--A discharge shocks the foe. It also depletes the PP of all Electric-type moves of both user and foe.
Rising Storm 1020*95%--A lightning storm builds over time.
Shock Sphere 5------A static sphere surrounds user.
Shock Therapy 5------Use electricity to boost condition.
Spark Show 30------A shower of sparks startles the target and lowers its Special Defence.
Static Field 5------Charges the air with electricity.
Static Shock 10100100%--Build static power and then shock.
Superconduct 5------Build extra energy for sheer power.
Taser Claw 1580100%--A slash with an electroshock claw.
Thor Hammer 109085%--Slams foe with a charged hammer.
Thunderblade 58095%--A slash with a static blade.
Thunderstorm 5------A lightning storm covers the field.
Zap Needle 155090%--An electric needle is shot at foe.
Zeus Thunder 1525*80%--Calls down heaven- ly thunderbursts.
Adrenaline 10------Temporarily boosts speed and power.
Aura Boost 10------Pressure-point to rouse own spirit.
Aura Jab 105085%--Pressure-point to dampen foe spirit.
Body Boost 10------Pressure-point to invigorate self.
Body Jab 105085%--Pressure-point to weaken the target.
Combo 15varies100%--The user executes a three-turn combo of punches that varies in effect.
Cure Point 10------Pressure-point to revitalize self.
Demolisher 5varies100%--A move aimed at crushing defenses.
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NameTypePPPowerAccuracyEffectprobGame text
Dive Kick 1510090%--A powerful diving kick from the sky.
Duel 2015*90%--A swordfight with swords/arm blades.
Grapple 10------Grabs to prevent the foe's escape.
Guard Slip 105085%--Pressure-point to cripple defense.
Heat Spear 510095%20%A superheated spear attack that has a raised critical hit rate. It may leave the target with a burn.
Joust 1011075%--Rams foe with lance forward.
Judo Slam 10varies95%--Use foe's strength against itself.
Opening 155060%--Watch for a chance to bypass defense.
Piledriver 1010085%--Foe is driven hard into the ground.
Power Arena 5------A fighting ring of pure energy.
Power Flow 10------Transfer fighting power to an ally.
Qi Flow 10------Transfer inner power to an ally.
Quick Jab 570100%--A very fast and powerful punch.
Range Punch 206595%--A mighty punch projects energy.
Roundhouse 1080100%--The user delivers a high-power spinning kick to everyone around it.
Smash Kick 206585%--A kick in the leg may cripple foe.
Smashknuckle 56595%--A punch that can break large rocks.
Sneaky Jab 105095%--Throw a punch when least expected.
Stamina Flow 10------Transfer vitality to a tired ally.
Swelter 5------Stifling heat fills the field.
Throttlekick 105095%--A rapid and well- placed kick.
Torpedo Kick 5120100%--A powerful kick used in water.
Uppercut 108085%--A rising smack to the jaw.
Blue Fire 5100*100%--Freezing flames are thrown at foe.
Boil 157595%--Heat liquids to the boiling point.
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NameTypePPPowerAccuracyEffectprobGame text
Crimson Daze 2040100%100%The user emits a bright burst of flames that dazzles the foe. The foe is left confused if it hits.
Dying Embers 1016090%--The foe is attacked for five turns with a raging fire that slowly dies down, each turn halving in power.
Fire Bomb 5200100%10%The user explodes into a raging blaze that damages all Pokémon in battle. The user faints upon using this move.
Flame Sword 58095%--A slash with a burning blade.
Flame War 5--90%100%A flame war provokes all battlers, making all moves Fire-type.
Heat Up 5------The temperature climbs briefly.
Ignite 10------Set fire to self. Discourages hits.
Infernoblaze 5--30%--The user envelops itself in a powerful but inaccurate shower of flames that consumes the foe.
Inflame 20------The user's body heat climbs to extreme temperatures, thereby raising the user's Attack.
Kindle 10------Start a burn to boost Special.
Lava Bomb 108080%--Launch exploding ball of magma.
Lava River 10--95%--A river of lava flows toward foe.
Lava Spit 3515100%--Spit a small blob of lava at foe.
Magma Cager 56090%--A sphere of magma that will harden.
Melt 5200100%--Deals heavy damage but user faints.
MeteorStrike 152585%--The user calls down meteors to strike the target. Two to five meteors fall in quick succession.
Nuclearblast 515085%--A blast that blows everyone away.
Pyrotechnics 15------The foe's accuracy is lowered by dazzling fireworks. If the foe is in the air, damage is inflicted.
Rocket Rise 10------The user levitates using downward-pointing jets of flame for five turns.
Sauna 5------Create a hot and humid atmosphere.
Scorch 10--75%--The user deals a heavy burn to the target. The damage dealt by the burn increases over time.
Trailblaze 20varies100%10%A fiery dash that deals damage equal to the user's Speed. It may burn the foe. It also melts ice paths.
Weld 254095%--An attack that makes metal fuse.
FeatherSalvo 152585%--Fires a series of sharp feathers.
Flock 5------A flock of birds crosses the field.
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NameTypePPPowerAccuracyEffectprobGame text
Hover 1565100%--The user flies upwards and sends a blast of air down at the target. The user needs to rest the next turn.
Molt 10------Shed feathers to escape bad status.
Nose Dive 1510085%--The user soars, then dive bombs on the second turn. If it misses, the user is hurt instead.
Soar 5------The user flies up into the sky to avoid attacks for two to five turns.
Steady Wind 5------The air becomes more navigable.
Strafe Dive 151585%--The user soars to dive bomb the foe for five turns, doubling in power for each consecutive hit.
Tail Spread 10--90%--Spread fancy tail to impose.
Doom Crux 10------Channel spirits of tragic deaths.
Embalm 10----%100%Preserve the body for the afterlife.
Haunted Wind 2020100%--A sudden breeze of invisible fists.
Illusion 5--100%--Creates copies of user to fool foe.
MacabreDance 10------A dance of death raises the user's Attack and Speed. It also leaves the foe confused.
Murmur 5--75%--Inflicts a random status condition on the opponent.
Necromancy 10varies90%--Call upon the fallen to attack.
Peril Tomb 1570100%--Lock the opponent into its doom.
Pester 10------Use taunting to lead on opponent.
Phantasm 20--100%--The user creates copies of itself to fool the foe. The user sharply raises its Evasion.
Phantom Moan 10------An eerie moan floats on the air.
Poltergeist 10--80%--Send a spirit to foul up technique.
Possess 5--70%--Briefly take over the target's body.
Requiem 5------A macabre song fills the air.
Resurrect 5------Prepares to rise from the dead.
Shadow Grasp 106595%--The target becomes trapped within a tight hug that squeezes them for four to five turns afterwards.
Shadowy Eyes 1530100%--A ghastly glare to scare the target.
Sob 5--75%--Lowers all of the opponent's stats by one level.
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NameTypePPPowerAccuracyEffectprobGame text
Soul Devour 5--40%--Consumes the life force of the foe.
Spiritualism 1020100%--Nearby spirits rise against foe.
Vengeance 15------Prepare to deal some payback.
Whisper 25--100%--Draws foe w/barely audible sounds.
Arboreum 5------Field is filled with many trees.
Autumn Wind 580100%--Strikes with en- during autumnwind.
Berry Bait 10--100%--The user throws a Berry to lower the target's evasion. It might also sharply lower the target's Defense.
Berry Growth 10------The user creates a random berry for itself to use before the end of the battle.
Branch Blow 155590%--The user strikes the target with its woody, branchlike limbs.
Burnt Leaf 56080%--Burning leaves are swung at the foe.
Chloroblast 156590%--A gob of green fluid is spat at the target. The target's Ability is changed to Chlorophyll if it hits.
Garrote Vine 5--30%--Vines are pulled tight around foe.
Incense 10--75%--A calming aroma fills battlefield.
Itch Powder 10--100%--The user sprays the target with powder that causes lingering, distracting itchiness. The target becomes less likely to attack.
Leaf Helix 102080%--A spinning helix damages the foe.
Leaf Trail 10**%--Slippery leaves may trip the foe. Power depends on the foe's height.
Magic Bean 1090100%--A seed is planted on the first turn, a vine hits on the second turn. It is also used to climb into the sky.
Nectar Bomb 107585%--Drench the foe in sticky nectar.
PollenSeason 5------Air is filled with allergic pollen.
Root Crush 511080%--Rising roots envelop and crush foe.
Root Plant 25------Brace yourself vs. forced run/switch.
Sakura Blast 107095%--A spiral of cherry blossoms strikes.
Sawdust 15--100%--Throw sawdust in the enemy's eyes.
Seed Cannon 1580100%10%An array of seeds is fired at target. It may lower Defense.
Spicy Powder 25--75%--Burns foe with irritating powder.
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NameTypePPPowerAccuracyEffectprobGame text
Spore Burst 108085%50%The user charges up to release a massive cloud of toxic spores that will hit, and may poison, everyone around it.
Sticky Sap 10--100%--The target is covered in a sticky fluid. The target cannot switch out while the user is in battle.
ThornMissile 152585%10%Sharp thorns are shot at the target two to five times in a row. It may cause the target to flinch.
Transpire 5------The user expels impurities to heal status changes and up to a quarter of its maximum HP.
Tree Smash 510050%--A tree collapses onto the target.
Verdure 5------Field is filled with vegetation.
Wild Growth 560100%10%The user attacks by growing wildly. It may also raise all of the user's stats.
Abrasivewind 560100%--Abrasive sand lashes opponent.
Desert Sands 106095%--Draw sand from the field to attack.
Dirt Lump 2550100%--A ball of dirt may break on contact.
Dust Cloud 20--100%--Cover foe in thick cloud of dust.
Earthbind 1075100%--The user controls the ground beneath the target to restrain and damage it for four to seven turns.
Erosion 30------Erode own body to minimize drag.
Excavate 1012085%30%The user burrows, stays underground for a turn, then attacks the third turn. It may also find items.
Glass Shards 1580100%--Drive glass shards into the foe.
Mine Field 15------Lace the ground with many mines.
Molten Glass 512050%--Heated sand is blasted at foe.
Muddy Swamp 5------Field is flooded with dirty mud.
Pillar Swing 158095%--Pole-swing to deal heavy damage.
Quicksand 5--30%--Drag opponent down into a sandy mire.
Salt Pan 10--100%10%The ground is sown with salt.
Sand Blast 203085%--Toss up sand until arena caves in.
Sand Cannon 512050%--A ball of sand is blasted at foe.
Sand Castle 20------Build sand castle to take foe hits.
Sand Jet 2040100%-- The user lunges at the target at a speed that makes it almost invisible. It is sure to strike first.
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NameTypePPPowerAccuracyEffectprobGame text
Sand Trap 101090%--The ground becomes a slippery pit.
Sandboard 159095%--Ride a mound of sand over foe.
Sonic Quake 5Varies100%--The user sets off a tremor with sound waves. The lower the user's HP, the less powerful it becomes.
Sticky Mud 20--100%--Sticky mud keeps foe in the field.
Tar Pit 15--100%--Forms a sticky tar pit below foe.
Tectonics 57590%--The Earth's plates shift slightly.
TerrainBlast 58590%--The user attacks by drawing power from its environment. The move's type varies depending on the environment.
Trapdoor 10100----Go underground to set up a trap.
Tremor 10100*100%--An earthquake with some aftershocks.
Absolutezero 5--75%--Foe is exposed to the coldest temp.
Cold Snap 5------A freezing cold front moves in.
Crystal Cut 58095%--A slash with a frozen blade.
Crystalstorm 515090%--Very powerful, but skips next turn.
Deep Freeze 10------Arena will freeze. Hibernaters avoid.
Flash Freeze 510050%50%The user attempts to immobilize the target by freezing the moisture in the air around them.
Freezer Burn 1020100%--Exposure to raw, searing cold.
Frost Cannon 510050%--Fires a large ball of snow and frost.
Frost Tower 10------Cover self in a spiky ice tower.
Frostbite 5--50%--Inflict stinging frostbite on foe.
Glacier 515075%--Build a glacier to crash down on foe.
Ice Floe 10--60%--Covers the foe in a casing of ice.
Ice Prison 5----%--The target is encircled by ice to prevent escape. This drastically lowers the target's Speed stat.
Icy Floor 5------Slippery ice makes footing unsteady.
Snow Fort 10------A wall of snow to raise Defense.
Snowball 201585%--Hurl snowballs at the target.
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NameTypePPPowerAccuracyEffectprobGame text
Snowboard 1595100%--The user rides a mount of snow over the foe. It can also be used to turn at any time on ice.
Aurora Flash 153090%--Flashing colors. May hypnotize foe.
Blinding 10--90%--A blinding light cuts accuracy.
Dancinglight 20--90%--Small lights dance in foe's face.
Diamond Glow 20--100%--Hypnotize foe into dropping guard.
Ethereal Ray 57090%--Otherworldly light engulfs target.
Eye Beam 2055100%--A laser beam fired from the eyes.
Flare 5--100%30%A bright flare that lowers the foe's evasiveness in darkness. It may also leave the target with a burn.
Flare Field 15------Explosive flares cover the ground.
GuidingLight 5--100%--The user's attacks are doubled in accuracy next turn. It also guides the user through darkness.
Holy Shield 10------A shield of light makes the user immune to Dark-type moves for 5 turns.
Hope Beacon 10------The user emits a beacon of light to replenish a quarter of its moves' PP and a third of its maximum HP.
Horn Glow 20--100%--Flashes a light that ups SP. ATK.
Invisibility 5------Bend light around you to disappear.
Laser 3045100%--A simple laser beam is fired.
Luster Burst 1012080%--A strong light- burst hits foe.
Luster Flash 105090%--A flash of light envelops foe team.
Lux Buster 10120100%--The user gathers ambient energy, then shoots it as a ray of light on the second turn.
Neon 25------User is coated in glowing neon.
Prominence 518090%--The user fires amassed energy as a giant column of light. It lowers the user's Defense, Sp. Def. and Speed stats.
Radiance 5------The user forms a paradise of light and peace for five turns, powering up Light-type moves.
Radiant Beam 2065100%--A strong laser. May blind foe.
Rainbow 510070%--Fire beams of various powers.
Shine Sabre 1575100%--The user attacks with a sword of light. It can also break any barrier such as Light Screen and Reflect.
Stargaze 5------The user gazes at the stars the first turn. Its HP is restored to full on the second turn.
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NameTypePPPowerAccuracyEffectprobGame text
Stun Burst 254090%--A bright burst of light. May stun.
Tractor Beam 30--100%--A mysterious ray attracts foe.
UV Ray 512070%--Give the enemy a serious sunburn.
Alchemy 15--100%--Transmutate items to recover.
Apport 157095%--Ambush foe from another dimension.
Balance 5------Remove all element relationships.
Bibliomancy 10------Pick a page, any page.
Blue Moon 5------The user initiates a rare lunar phase for five turns, powering up Magic-type moves.
Broom Dive 159095%--Ride a broom for an aerial attack.
Broomstick 5------An enchanted rod helps user to fly.
Card Toss 2060100%--Playing cards are tossed at the foe.
Card Trick 10------Shuffle opponent's items with magic.
Ceremony 10------A long rite that grants power.
CloseCurtain 15------Finish your act and run away.
Cupid Arrow 15--85%--An attack with an arrow of love.
Defensecharm 20------A simple spell to raise defenses.
Disastercast 10------Summon a force of nature to attack.
Disenchant 25--90%--All illusions of power disappear.
Dispel 10------All incantations are driven away.
Doom Spell 5--30%--A complicated but devastating spell.
Equality 10------Remove differences in attack form.
Exorcise 5--100%--Banishes all dark spirits.
Fairy Powder 15--100%--Magic powder makes the target float around for 3 turns.
Gamble 5------The stakes are all or nothing.
HealingSpell 15------Summon life energy to heal yourself.
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NameTypePPPowerAccuracyEffectprobGame text
Hex Claw 1575100%--Swipe with claws that bear a curse.
Holy Water 10------Sprinkle blessed water over field.
Incantation 15------Recite magic words to boost a spell.
Irate Trance 106095%--Whip self into a rage to attack.
Love Powder 15--100%--Magic powder makes foe fall in love.
Lucky Spell 30------Spell raises your luck in battle.
Magic Arrow 2515100%--Create glowing arrows and attack.
Magic Cape 5------Disappear behind a magic cloak.
Magic Circle 5--85%--A mystic field entraps the foe, preventing escape and item use. Lasts 3 turns or until user leaves.
Magic Cure 5------A vital infusion of healing energy.
Magic Drain 10--100%--The user lowers the target's ability to attack by removing 4 PP from a move they have not yet used.
Magic Flames 108080%--Drilling flames encircle foe.
Magic Hat 15------Look for an object inside your hat.
Magic Spell 5------The Trainer speaks out a rhyming incantation, then the user attacks with extreme elemental power.
Mana 5------A mystical energy replenishes power.
Mirror House 10------Magical mirrors mislead attackers.
Mirror Snare 20------Breaking a mirror brings bad luck.
Misery Shot 20varies100%--A full-power attack that grows more powerful the less the user likes its Trainer.
Mote Aid 10------The user commands its motes to transfer their energy to restore its HP. Having more motes heals more HP.
Mote Strike 10Varies100%--The user commands its motes to attack the target simultaneously. The more motes summoned, the greater the damage.
Mote Summon 20------The user summons a mote that raises both its Defense and Sp. Def. The move can be used up to four times.
Mote Thunder 10Varies100%Varies%Motes attack the target with lightning. The more motes, the greater the damage and chance to cause paralysis.
Mount 158095%--Summon a magical steed and charge.
Mystic Blade 510080%--Conjure a blade of pure mystic force.
Mystic Lock 10------A spell to lock up your foe's moves.
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NameTypePPPowerAccuracyEffectprobGame text
Mystic Mist 10--95%--An ominous mist envelopes foe.
Nullify 10------Ends all ongoing effects.
Numen 10------A local deity is summoned to help.
Pagan Rite 10------A dark ritual for black magic users.
Pendulum 10--90%--A pendulum swings and clobbers foe.
Poof! 10------Snap your fingers, see what happens.
Portal Trap 10--100%--Holes through space are created to redirect attacks back to their source.
Portents 20varies100%40%Omens of evil are delivered.
Power Hex 2065100%--Cast a spell to damage foe.
Presentation 10------Introduce your act with a flash.
Pride Shot 20varies100%--A full-power attack that grows more powerful the more the user likes its Trainer.
Problem? 5--100%100%Inflicts a random status ailment on the target.
Proxy 5--50%--Cause attacks on you to affect foe.
Quick Spell 3040100%10%The user casts a simple spell that always goes first. It may also leave the foe confused.
Re-animate 5--90%--Revives self but loses senses.
Reflection 10------A copy of foe that fights on its own.
Reincarnate 5------A fallen friend reincarnates.
Rejuvenate 5------Use magical power to restore energy.
Repetoire 10------Use stored sounds to attack the foe.
Rite Of Day 10varies100%--The user charges on the first turn, then calls on the power of the Sun or Moon the second turn.
Roulette 5------A game of chance. See what happens!
Sacrifice 10--40%--User's pain is directed into foe.
Sappingspell 1060100%--A spell to drain the foe's HP.
Saw Trick 520*80%--Cage foe in a box, cut it in half.
Shuffle 20------Card-based user shuffles itself.
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NameTypePPPowerAccuracyEffectprobGame text
Skill Cast 10------Cast spell to change ability.
Slots 5------A game of chance. See what happens!
Smoke Lunge 1075----Vanishes in smoke, hits from behind.
Space Rift 515090%--A spell to rip the fabric of space.
Stage Helper 10------Help your ally to cast a spell.
Summon 10------Summon pokémon to strike down foe.
Sword Basket 10--85%--Basket holds foe, swords pierce.
Time Slice 10------Time is slowed down for five turns to allow the user to attack the target before they can react.
Toxin Scour 1060100%--A harsh rub with a cleansing balm.
Tribute 15varies95%--Pay tribute to the spirits with an item for favor.
Vanishingact 15------Disappear in front of the foe's eyes.
Wand Shake 10--100%--Shake the wand for a random effect.
AchillesHeel 10--60%--Expose your foe's weak point.
Aimed Shot 2050100%--A move that hits no matter what.
Amplifiers 15------Amplify all sound on the field.
Belch 1520*100%--A nasty expulsion of gastric gas.
Binary Flux 1550100%--Raw information dazzles the senses.
Bullseye 1040100%--The user aims for a direct hit. If the user hits the foe, it will always be a critical hit.
Calibrate 15------Programmed Pokémon adjusts its aim.
Call to Arms 5--90%--An ancient warrior's call that raises the power and spirits of the user. The user must rest on the next turn.
Callus Armor 10------Past beatings have toughened you.
Charge Spin 515090%--The user spins at breakneck speed to store momentum for a powerful blow. Trapping moves and entry hazards are negated if it hits.
Chime 15------Relax target with a peaceful chime.
Clear Skies 5------A calming aura ends violent weather.
Clone 5------Makes a clone to help fight.
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NameTypePPPowerAccuracyEffectprobGame text
Coin Toss 10------The user flips a coin to inflict damage. The power differs for heads and tails.
Cold Glance 35--85%--The user insults the foe with a cold, arrogant look. It lowers the target's Attack and Defense.
Collect 10------Collect food to attack or consume.
Compile 5------The user compiles scraps of Cyber Realm data into a useful item. It will fail if the user is holding something.
Configure 157585%--Cyber Realm walls are summoned to bind and squeeze the target for 4-7 turns.
Consume 10------Eat collected food to recover energy.
Conversion 3 30------The user changes its type to become the same type as the target.
Crush Hug 106595%--The target becomes trapped within a tight hug that squeezes them for four to five turns afterwards.
Crybaby 5--100%100%The user sobs to make the target flinch. The chance of failing rises for each subsequent use.
Cuddle 20------The user restores HP to an ally with a hug. The happier the user is, the more HP is restored.
Data Absorb 10------Robotic user draws data on foe moves.
Dead Silence 5------Sound within the battlefield is dampened for 5 turns, preventing sound-based moves from working.
Diffusion 510075%--A blast of energy that spreads out.
Doodle 1--95%--User doodles a picture of enemy.
Dynamic Rush 1010070%--Turn body into an aerodynamic form.
Echo 20--90%--Use echo of foe's move against it.
Effect Push 5--80%--Use type's power to push away foe.
ElementForce 155090%--Use the raw power of your element.
Face Slap 2045100%--A slap brings foe to its senses.
Fetch 40------Retrieve items or other Pokémon.
Food Fight 10varies100%--Use collected food to attack the foe.
FrenzyTackle 1012095%--User enters into a psychotic rage.
Gigacharge 10------The user gathers power to cancel the need for charging turns for three turns.
Glassbreaker 595100%--High-pitched cry to shatter glass.
Harmony 10--90%--Fill arena with soothing harmony.
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NameTypePPPowerAccuracyEffectprobGame text
Headstrike 206095%--An attack to the target's head.
Horoscope 20------The user attacks with a move based on a randomly selected zodiac sign.
Hyper Spin 5------Spin to fire shock waves then strike.
Invert 10------Invert colors to invert relations.
Justice 5--100%--Gather power, then deal punishment.
Last Stand 5------The user's defenses are raised to the maximum when its HP is low, but it can't attack.
Lazy Day 5--100%--The user infects the foe with laziness, changing the target's ability into Truant.
Leap 20------The user jumps up high to land a more powerful but less accuracte contact move the next turn.
Life Pulse 3550100%--An attack with raw vital energy. It also damages the user a little, however.
Liquid Phase 15------Put your body into a liquid state.
Love Crush 1560*100%--Uses infatuation to damage the foe.
Lullaby 5--100%--The user sings a song that lulls all other Pokémon into falling asleep on the next turn.
Madness 15------Makes you stronger but also dizzy.
Magic Cancel 5------Remove all magic from the arena.
Maximize 20------Increase size to resist attacks.
Modulation 5------Change your pitch to raise power.
Morale Armor 10------Use faith in the trainer to endure.
Nibble 351595%--A small bite that may startle foe.
Open Space 10------Give yourself more room to work with.
Optimism 10------Positive thoughts affect the field.
Panic Attack 106590%--A frenzied attack powered by fear and strengthened by confusion.
Pessimism 10------Negative thoughts affect the field.
Play Dead 10------The user stays immobile for two turns, thereby tricking the target into not attacking.
Poker Face 15--85%30%The user's emotionless face confuses the foe. It may leave the target paralyzed.
Pounce 3030100%--Startle opponent by jumping on it.
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NameTypePPPowerAccuracyEffectprobGame text
Power Tail 1010075%15%The foe is slammed with a bone-breaking tail. It may also flinch or it may be left paralyzed.
Prod 251595%--Pokes foe to lower defense.
Quantumspeed 5120----An attack at the speed of light.
Regift 20------Regift a present for twice the use.
Reload 5------The user replenishes its ammo reserves to restore 4 PP to its ranged moves.
Reset 5------Programmed Pokémon clears variables.
Ridicule 104070%--Fills the target with shame.
Ring 30------A piercing ring distracts the foe.
Scream 5--30%--A sound-based attack.
Secretweapon 5------Unleashes a secret weapon when weak.
Sentry 15------One head watches as another fights.
Shadowbox 5------The user becomes a shadow that copies an opponent's attacks and movements exactly.
Shout 3040100%--A sound-based attack.
Show Off 20varies90%--Show your foe just how good you are.
Snuggle 30--100%--Snuggles the foe to prevent attack.
Solid Phase 15------Put your body into a solid state.
Sonar 354090%--The echo tells you where your foe is.
Sonic Pulse 510075%--A concentrated pulse of sound.
Sonic Wave 1560100%--A sound wave that covers the area.
Spike Ball 3020*85%--Curl up into a spiky ball.
Spinningblow 1575100%--Spin at high speed with open arms.
Spit 35--100%--A spit aimed at the foe's eyes.
Splitstrike 105090%--The user splits itself into two forms to deal both physical and special damage in the same turn.
Squeak 1530100%--Startle foe with a sudden squeak.
Sweet Dreams 10------Send foe and self to a deep sleep.
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NameTypePPPowerAccuracyEffectprobGame text
Tail Decoy 10------Detach own tail to throw off pursuer.
Tech.error 20--70%--Causes foe to use the wrong move.
Time Travel 5------Go back in time to try again.
Toll 2060100%--A painfully loud ring is sounded.
Trap 5--55%--Set up a trap to immobilize foe.
Travel 158095%--The user moves through cyberspace to hit the target where they least expect it. It also allows easy transportation in the Cyber Realm.
Trip 25------Make the foe fall for some damage.
Twoself 5------Unleashes the two halves of oneself.
Ultimatum 5------Give your enemy an ultimatum.
Uproot 254095%--Pull foe off the ground forcefully.
Vapor Phase 15------Put your body into a gaseous state.
Virus 10--75%--Inflicts a random status problem.
War March 20--100%--The uses provokes aggression. It confuses all Pokémon in battle, but also sharply raises their Attack.
Acid Drip 10--90%--User slowly drips corrosive acid.
Acid Rain 5----10%Contaminated rain damages all battlers for five turns. It may also lower the target's Defense.
Acid Spit 353570%--Aim for the face to blind enemy.
Aerial Virus 10--80%--The user unleashes an aerosol containing a virulent pathogen that badly poisons the target. Can hit targets that are in the air.
Antibodies 10------Fake poison alerts immune system.
Bad Breath 253595%10%The user attacks with a foul odour. The target may also be left poisoned or it may flinch.
Bound Wrench 105090%--A grimy wrench is thrown, rebounds.
Comatose 5--80%--A nitrogen cloud puts foe to sleep.
Corrode 10--95%--Drench the foe in corrosive acid.
Curare Dart 5--30%--A tiny dart imbued with lethal venom.
Dart Barrage 251590%--Fires a series of toxic darts.
Decay 5------All life slowly withers away.
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NameTypePPPowerAccuracyEffectprobGame text
Epidemic 15--55%--A virus targets a single group.
Food Poison 10------Poisonous food is consumed.
Fume Veil 10--85%100%Opposing Pokémon are poisoned with a noxious gas. Another use will leave them badly poisoned.
Gamma Ray 515090%--A radioactive ray of enormous power.
Greenhouse 5------Poisonous clouds retain all heat.
Infection 15--85%--Concentrate poison on enemy's wounds.
Inject 5--45%--Attack with a lethal injection.
Irradiate 5--65%--Foe is inflicted with radiation.
Laughing Gas 15--90%--Laughing gas immobilizes the foe.
Meltdown 5--30%--Radioactive sludge flows towards foe.
Oil Shot 1080100%--Shoot sticky oil to cover the foe.
Oil Spill 10--75%--Toxic oil covers the entire field.
Pesticide 20--100%--A formula extra lethal to insects.
PH Spit 15varies95%26%Acid or alkali of varying intensity.
Poison Arrow 106075%--A poison-tipped arrow strikes foe.
Poison Mix 5------Pick a poison at random to attack.
Poison Prod 202095%--A toxic touch may bear side effects.
Poison Swipe 107595%--Swipe with a claw covered in poison.
Poison Web 5--95%--Trap enemy in a poisonous web.
Pollution 5------The battlefield becomes tainted.
Rabies 155085%--Rabid user bites foe; may infect.
Rotten Treat 20--95%--Throw rancid food at your enemy.
Sludge Punch 1575100%--Punch with a fist covered in sludge.
Still Strike 10130100%--A strike triggered by motion.
Stingknuckle 1575100%--Punch using a fist with a stinger.
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NameTypePPPowerAccuracyEffectprobGame text
Sulfur Plume 512090%--An eruption of toxic sulfur gas.
Toxic Bait 5--65%--An alluring poison may get a foe out.
Toxic Haze 5--85%--Aerial toxins may affect Pokéballs.
Toxic Kiss 10--75%--A kiss with toxic lips. May poison.
Upchuck 15varies90%--Acidic projectile is vomited at foe.
Venom Sweat 10------Cover self in a coat of poison.
Viral Mist 5------A poison cloud fills the air.
Wrench Smack 206585%--An attack with a grimy wrench.
Atom Split 1070100%--A cut so thin that may go unnoticed.
Brainstorm 10------Focus on battle. Discussion helps.
Channel 15------Channel spiritual energy to attack.
Concentrate 15------Focus your mind on the battle.
Distort 10--75%--Severely distort the foe's senses.
Drowsy Daze 108595%40%The user lets loose a hypnotic psychic shock wave at the target. It may induce drowsiness.
Enlighten 20------Sudden inspiration improves the mind.
Force Dash 209085%--A full-body charge of psychic energy.
Force Punch 1575100%--Punch with a fist of psychic energy.
Harmonize 10--95%--Match the enemy perfectly.
Heartchange 2050*95%--The user may have a change of heart!
Hide 15------Become invisible to dodge attacks.
Karma Blast 515080%--Negative energies hurt user and foe.
Levitation 10------Concentrate to float in mid-air.
Lure 20--90%--A strange sound lures foe near.
Memory Wipe 10------Scramble your enemy's memory.
Metamorph 10------Take on the powers of a recent foe.
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NameTypePPPowerAccuracyEffectprobGame text
Migraine 152070%--Give the foe a massive headache.
Mind Assault 1012070%--A powerful but inaccurate attack.
Mind Swipe 5--55%--Viciously empty the foe's mind.
Mindkill 55090%--The brain cells are the victims.
Mindmeld 5------Join other mind to learn its secrets.
Pins&Needles 5------Make the foe feel painfully numb.
Precognition 1090100%--Accurately predict a powerful attack.
Prediction 5------Predict what the weather will do.
Psy Bolt 154595%--Shocks of pain overwhelm foe.
Psy Orb 304090%--Shoot a simple orb of psychic energy.
Psy Pulse 2070100%--A pulse of energy that envelops all.
Recall 20------Remember something to raise SP. ATK.
Ring Slicer 1590100%20%The user forms sharp psychic rings that deal physical damage. It may lower the target's Defense and Sp. Def.
Spirit Bomb 515090%--The user attacks with an extremely powerful blast of energy. The user must rest on the next turn.
Calcify 10------A mineral coating guards but slows.
Cliff Climb 1012085%--Climb up to crash down next turn.
Diamond Hoof 158095%--Stomp your foe with a hard hoof.
Fossilize 15--85%--Turn foe to stone. Takes some time.
Gaea Force 10varies80%--Exploding rocks damage and trap the target for 4-5 turns. The attack varies in intensity.
Landslide 108090%--Target is buried in an avalanche.
Orbit Smash 512085%40%The user crashes into the target like a rogue asteroid. It may harshly lower the target's Defense stat.
Petrify 5--30%--Turn your opponent into stone.
Prism Shield 10------Create a shield that splits light.
Sediment 20------Draw, absorb rocks to build defense.
Stalactites 201485%--Drop stalactites on the enemy.
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NameTypePPPowerAccuracyEffectprobGame text
Whetstone 30------Sharpen a weapon by rubbing a rock.
Armor 15------Coat self in a layer of metal.
Armor Polish 5------Polished armor turns reflective.
Barbed Spear 20--90%--Impale foe with a spiked spear.
Brassknuckle 1575100%--A punch from a metallic fist.
Cage Drop 5--95%--Metal bars hold victim in place.
Cannonball 1013080%--Curl up and charge like a cannonball.
Chain Whip 208090%--A strong blow with a long chain.
Chains 151585%--Trap foe in chains and squeeze hard.
Construction 10------Better body parts are fabricated.
Depth Charge 255590%--In water, drops a sinking bomb.
Doomsday 511050%--Unleashes a doomsday device.
Equip Armor 10------Equip armor to protect key areas.
Forge 10------Take time to forge a stronger armor.
Harpoon 153590%--Fire harpoon with rope at the enemy.
Iron Blade 5--30%--Finish foe with 1 well-timed stroke.
Iron Casting 10------Adapt to use a random STEEL move.
Iron Curtain 30------Protect self with a wall of metal.
Iron Dust 5------Scatter metallic dust into the air.
Lead Coat 5------Coat self in poisonous metal.
Lead Fang 156595%--The user bites with toxic metal fangs. It may also make the target flinch or leave them poisoned.
Lead Spikes 20------Lead spikes cover the field.
Lead Weight 10100100%--Crush enemy with your heavy body.
Liquidmetal 105098%--Spray mercury on foe. ICE freezes.
Mega Missile 510080%--The user preps a giant missile to launch on the next turn. The explosion also damages Pokémon next to the target.
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NameTypePPPowerAccuracyEffectprobGame text
Mercury Coat 5------Coat self in poisonous metal.
Metalgrinder 1060100%--The user grinds Steel-type targets into scrap metal, always inflicting a critical hit when it does so.
Micromissile 3025100%--A swarm of tiny missiles is launched at the target. It strikes two to five times in a row.
Molten Steel 1070100%--Drop molten steel on your enemy.
Nail 203085%--Pound a sharp nail into the enemy.
Oil Up 20------Oil your joints to increase agility.
Overclock 5------Work much faster than recommended.
Pincushion 3010----Attack with pins. Also hurts user.
Power Drill 155095%--Attack with a drill of steel.
Rev. Up 514070%--Revs up to attack with full power.
Scrap Metal 20------Metallic junk covers the field.
Screwdriver 157090%--A spinning attack that dents metal.
Shards 108090%--Drive metal shards into the foe.
Sharpener 30------Sharpen an object to attack with.
Shrapnel Cut 255595%--Cut opponent with sharp debris.
Silver Teeth 1580100%20%The user chomps on the target with shiny metal fangs. It may also lower the target's Defense stat.
Smelt Punch 159585%--Punch the foe with a molten fist.
Solder 10------Solder your joints to raise DEFENSE.
Soothe Chime 20--70%--A soft metallic sound calms all.
Spiked Armor 15------Coat self in metal with sharp spikes.
Spinning Saw 107595%--Spins sharp body to attack the foe.
Stainless 5------The user alters their metal skin's structure to prevent corrosion, making it immune to status and stat drops.
Sword Edge 1012050%--Use a sharp limb as a mighty sword.
Temper 20------Temper your body to fight better.
Time Bomb 590----Throw a bomb set to detonate later.
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NameTypePPPowerAccuracyEffectprobGame text
Titaniumkick 158095%--A kick with a metallic foot.
Torpedo 1010590%--In water, fires a speeding missile.
Tumble 156090%--Chunks of metal cascade over foe.
Wreckingball 105585%--A ball of steel to bring down foe.
Aquagel 5------The user becomes immune to Fire-type attacks. It can also be used to cross lava and fiery areas.
Capsize 1060100%30%The user forcefully smashes the foe into the water. The target may be left confused.
Downpour 1570100%20%A heavy downpour falls upon the opposing team. It may lower their accuracy.
Life Spring 5------Life-imbued water heals status changes and up to a quarter of the user's maximum HP.
Panic Sweat 15------Covering itself in a watery sheen in panic, the user's Speed rises, and will drastically rise if its HP is below half.
Riptide 1012075%--The user creates a very powerful tide that damages and then traps the foe for 4 to 5 turns.
Rust 2540100%--Will cause metal to rust.
Scented Oil 10--75%--A calming aroma fills battlefield.
Siphon 102585%--The user causes a strong suction through the water which damages the foe and heals the user. Hits 2-5 times.
Spindrift 1040100%100%The user churns water around the foe to cut vision. It lowers the foe's accuracy if it hits.
Spiral Drain 1075100%--The user drains the target's energy with a vortex of water. The user's HP is restored by half the damage taken by the target.
Taintedwater 158595%--Soak the foe with polluted water.
Tri-Wave 104090%30%The target is buffeted by three consecutive waves of water. It may also raise the user's Sp. Atk stat.
Tsunami Drop 20varies100%--Tidal wave carries foe up, drops.
Vapor Wall 10------Atmosphere becomes too damp for FIRE.
Water Cage 10------Surround with a watery barrier.
Wave Shot 1075100%--A blast of water clears the field.
Air Pressure 10--90%--A heavy atmosphere pins foes down.
Ancient Wind 10--100%--The user hits the target with a gust of mystical wind that eliminates the effect of the target's Ability.
Breeze 4025100%--A gentle breeze is released at foe.
Circulate 20------Circulating air surrounds user.
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NameTypePPPowerAccuracyEffectprobGame text
Cloud Call 10------The user summons a cloud to levitate for five turns. It can also ride over water and ground obstacles.
Cyclone 512085%--The user whips up a powerful cyclone to blast the target. It may make them flinch.
Exhale 515085%--The user expels hot air at a high velocity at its foe.
Funnel Horn 10------The user funnels wind, electrically charging it before unleashing.
Gale Burst 2065100%--A powerful blast of wind hits foe.
Huff 'n Puff 156590%100%Take a deep breath to blow away foe.
Hydrogen Gun 2020100%--The user fires dense blasts of hydrogen that arc upwards. They hit two to five times in a row.
Inflate 10------Inhale helium to ascend.
Inhale 10------The user puffs itself up with huge amounts of air.
Jet Stream 512090%--A powerful, quick current hits foe.
Megastorm 513090%--The user summons a massive and potentially dangerous storm.
Sonic Wind 1560----A quick gale that can't be blocked.
Squall 5------A sudden storm is drawn to the area.
Storm Surge 158590%--Create a storm by blowing the area.
Swirl 3020100%30%The user spirals downward in an irregular pattern. It may confuse the target.
Thermal 105090%--A gust of hot air offers a powerup.
Tornado 5------A tornado rages over the field.
Tornado Spin 10120100%--The user spins wildly like a tornado and attacks for two to three turns. It then becomes confused, however.
Trade Wind 105585%--A sudden wind that trades items away.
Turning 10------The wind turns to another direction.
TwisterPunch 106090%--The user knocks away the target and drags out another Pokémon in its party. In the wild, the battle ends.
Typhoon 514090%--The user blasts the target with tropical air at full power. The attack's recoil harshly reduces the user's Sp. Atk stat.
Vertigo 10----100%Subtle wind currents confuse all Pokémon on the field. Opposing Pokémons' Defense stats are lowered.
Virga 10------Stop precipitation from falling down.
Whirl Dive 108080%--A spinning attack may dizzy the foe.
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NameTypePPPowerAccuracyEffectprobGame text
Whisperwind 10--100%--Whispers in the wind confuse foe.
Wind Surf 158095%10%The user surfs on the wind to crash down on the target. The target may also be left confused.
Windburn 156095%--A harsh wind may irritate the skin.
Windstorm 5100100%--The user causes a violent storm that hits all battlers. The target is also switched out.
Zero Oxygen 5------Drive all oxygen away from field.