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The Map of Bombur

Below you will find our map of the great continent of Bombur. This is where the RPG's of the Pokémon Factory League take place, so come here often for reference.
Visit the Placings List to find out which Pokémon are found where in Bombur!

Towns, Routes and Important Spots in Bombur

When turned into a sprite map, Bombur looks like this:

Anchore TownRoute ADecorus WoodsRoute TAltum CecidiCecidi DepthsCecidi DepthsCecidi DepthsCecidi DepthsRoute BRoute BRoute BBastion CityBastion Space Research CenterRoute CRoute CRoute CRoute CRoute CGrandis ForestRoute DRoute DAskorun TownAskorun WastesIce PathRoute ERoute EParfum RiverVantos VillageRoute URoute URoute URoute URoute VRoute VRoute VRoute VRoute VRoute VRoute VRoute VRoute VRoute WRoute WRoute WRoute WRoute WRoute WRoute WRoute FVintage CityVintage LakeVintage LakeVintage LakeTejina LibraryRoute HRoute HPagan ForestPagan RiverNidivum TownFeather CliffRoute GRoute GRoute GDy'mn StreamFulgida TownRuins of CipherMajestic Mountains Tunnel SystemMajestic Mountains Tunnel SystemMajestic Mountains Tunnel SystemMajestic Mountains Tunnel SystemMajestic Mountains Tunnel SystemMajestic Mountains Tunnel SystemRoute IRoute IRoute IMajestic Mountains TrailMajestic Mountains TrailMt. Pinnacle SummitGoodwill Passage TownGoodwill PassageRoute JRoute JRoute JRoute JRoute JCollucere TownCollucere LighthouseGrandis RiverGrandis RiverRoute XRoute XRoute XRoute XRoute XRoute XManifold ForestManifold ForestManifold ForestManifold ForestManifold ForestManifold ForestManifold ForestManifold ForestManifold ForestManifold ForestRoute KMaerd TownDream TowerCargan GraveyardRoute L (Cargan Desert)Route L (Cargan Desert)Route L (Cargan Desert)Cargan TempleRoute M (Cargan Beach)Route M (Cargan Beach)Route M (Cargan Beach)Calida HarborCalida SewersRoute YRoute YRoute YRoute YRoute YRoute YRoute NRoute NRoute NArdor CityArdor Volcano and CavernsHot Springs and Calida RiverRoute ORoute ORoute ORoute ORoute ORoute OSoutern Island CoastTorkenhow HillsRoute PRoute PFerrarum FortressRoute QRoute QSilvos Edge VillageRoute RRoute RRoute RRoute SRoute SVictory RoadPFL HQRoute ZRoute ZRoute ZRoute ZPlanetary Isles

Hover over the map to find out where all towns, routes and important spots in Bombur are located! Towns and cities are colored red, important places are colored green. Routes have three different colors: white for the land routes, blue for water routes and brown for routes that go underground. Below, you will find detailed information about all locations you find on the map above, numbered in the order players visit them.

1. Anchore Town: A Safe and Secure Haven

Anchore is a small seaside town that has a lot of fishing companies. It is a pleasant, small town, and it is the first town in the Pokémon Factory League. Since the League is in its first year of operation, there is a large population of wannabe trainers who have not been able to start their journeys. These beginning trainers receive their starter from Professor Aaron in his Lab. There is also a Gym in this town. However, it is not yet in operation, since the Gym Leader is Prof. Aaron himself and he is still busy with the beginning trainers. Players can challenge him after having obtained #HM02 Fly at the Feather Cliff.

The fourth gym is found in this town.

2. Anchore Port:

Once trainers have enough money to buy an Old Rod in Anchore Town, they head to the Anchore Port. This port, located to the East of Anchore Town, namely, is a perfect spot to catch your first Water-type Pokémon. (Yes, Magikarp are found in Bombur too.) On the docks, an abandoned black truck has been parked for quite some time. What the inside of the truck holds is a complete mystery, but be sure to give it your all to try and find out!

3. Route A: Anchore Town - Decorus Woods

This is the route on which players start their journey. It is also most likely the place in which they capture their first Pokémon and get familiar with fighting wild Pokémon. Small birds and rodents are a common sight here, but beware of the nuts a Chipen might fling at your head.

4. Decorus Woods:

The first natural obstacle players encounter. Colorful and beautiful flowers in three clearings (red poppies, yellow buttercups and blue forget-me-nots) are the trademark of the Decorus Woods. In each of these clearings, you will come across Pokémon of the same color as the flowers that grow there. You will meet a woodworker named Huck in these woods. He will heal your tired Pokémon and present you with #HM01 Cut. You cannot use your gift yet, though, since you need to obtain the Iceberg Badge in Askorun Town first. Instead, Huck will use Cut to grant you access to the final clearing, but be sure to come back to visit the Decorus Woods once you are able to use the HM, since Cut can be used to get rid of vegetation and to find hidden items. These items were often left behind by Murkrow that had stolen them from unsuspecting trainers.

#HM01 Cut is obtained in these woods.

Altum Cecidi, located to the west of the Woods, is not reachable; due to a burglary in the town's museum the town's entrance is closed by Bombur's police force.

5. Route B: Decorus Woods - Bastion City

This route leads through the Bastion Plains, the large and open fields that make up most of Bombur's northern half. The Pokémon found here are varied in species, with some only found during daytime and others only during the night. If you listen closely, you might hear something whispering your name. If so, you can be sure a restless Unherd is roaming the lands nearby.

6. Bastion City: City of Parting Ways

Sometimes nicknamed the City of Trinities, since three different routes depart from it. It is a large and bustling city, with an enormous Department Store, a theater, a casino, backalleys and lots of other interesting buildings. On the main square an enormous fountain is found: the Fountain of Jirachi. It is a good place to meet friends; it is also a place to leave them, as the city's other nickname is the City of Parting Ways. It is said that if two or more people all flip a coin into the fountain, they will meet again there one day. In Bastion City players challenge the first gym. Also found in this city is Bombur's Silph Co. branch, which produces tools, but also attempts to create an exclusive Pokémon... The Bastion Space Research Center is not reachable until after players have beaten the PFL HQ, though.

The first gym is found in this city.

7. Bastion Backalleys:

Bastion City is crowding with life. Even the city's shadey backalleys have their own way of life. It is here that criminals lurk and drink in dark pubs, so be sure to watch your wallet when you venture through these alleys. Some wild Pokémon have also made the backalleys their home. You can catch some exclusive species here, but beware, since Pandough prove to be a better thief than many of their human counterparts.

8. Bastion Gym: Trinity Badge

The Bastion Gym is an old building, which was deserted before Gym Leader Calleo came and opened it. It is filled with plants, with a glass roof, like a greenhouse. It is in the middle of some expanding parkland, an oasis of green in the middle of bustling Bastion. Calleo grows berries in his spare time and specializes in Grass-type Pokémon. If you manage to beat him, Calleo will reward you with the Trinity Badge. This Badge allows you to use #HM07 Trailblaze, which is needed to pass the Ice Path and enter the Askorun Wastes.

The Trinity Badge allows you to use #HM07 Trailblaze.

9. Route C: Bastion City - Grandis Forest

This route leads from the Bastion Plains to where the road gives way to the trees of Grandis Forest. It is said that this route was created when a large dragon covered with vegetation made its way from Bastion City to Grandis Forest. It thereby created a path that was surrounded by large trees, before making its home somewhere deep inside the forest.

10. Grandis Forest:

Grandis Forest is huge and vast and it is easy to get lost in the middle of all the large and varying plantlife. Basigniom appear to be able to point the right way through the forest, though, so be on the lookout for them. Grandis Forest is characterized by having three areas with completely different styles of vegetation. The western part of this forest has a mild climate and has various lush, commonly seen trees. The north-eastern part of Grandis Forest is characterized by a colder climate. The vegetation is thin in this part and the trees give way to pines. To the south, the climate is humid and Bug-type Pokémon roam freely. Here, the area is so overgrown by vegetation that it is almost impossible to venture on. #HM01 Cut might be of use here. During your first visit of Grandis Forest, you will not be able to reach the southern area, though, since a dangerous area of wild magic has found its way there. You will need to obtain the Ward Badge in Vintage City to venture through this part of the forest unharmed.
In Grandis Forest you will meet a Move Tutor named Wolfram. Along with his herd of Ramfrio, he lives in the cold, northern part of the forest. He will heal your Pokémon, but he can also teach Headbutt to your Pokémon. Be sure to use it and find out which species you can knock out of trees.

11. Route D: Grandis Forest - Askorun Town

After leaving the north-eastern area of Grandis Forest and its many pines, this route is reached. Since it leads to the frigid north-eastern part of Bombur, Ice-type Pokémon can be found on this route. They might even be hidden amongst the several snowy humps that line this route, so don't be surprised when a snowball from a Tuntabby hits you from behind.

12. Askorun Town: Cold Edge of the Continent

Askorun is a large town right on the edge of the continent, and is the final stop before players reach the frigid Askorun Wastes. There is rumoured to be a tidal cave underneath the town that is filled with Ice-type Pokémon. Although the town itself is located on Bombur's landmass, there are a few houses on the larger icebergs too. It is therefore not surprising that some icebergs even have names. During the winter, the icebergs all freeze together to add about two square miles to Bombur's landmass. Naturally, the villagers of Askorun Town are experts in the field of travelling over snow and ice. There is also a special store in Askorun Town that specializes in hand-made colored scarves that raise a contest stat of your Pokémon.
You will meet an expeditioner named Hillary in this town. Although all inhabitants of Askorun Town travel through snow and over ice with ease, this woman knows a special technique that allows one to travel over ice that is so extremely cold, one would freeze when contact is made with it. This technique is #HM07 Trailblaze. Usable with the Trinity Badge, teach it to one of your Pokémon in order to cross the Ice Path and advance to the Askorun Wastes.

#HM07 Trailblaze is obtained in this town.

13. Ice Path:

An icy path that once was a stone bridge, but is now frozen solid because of the extremely cold winds blowing from the Askorun Wastes. Touching the ice with bare skin is very dangerous, since you might freeze upon contact. The path leads to the Askorun Wastes and ultimately to the Askorun Gym, which is located at the top of the largest iceberg of the Wastes. Because the Ice Path slopes upwards, and is so very cold and slippery, it is impossible for players to continue their journey. Regular fire is unable to thaw the path before it freezes again. The only way to venture on is by using the powerful, fast flames of #HM07 Trailblaze.

14. Askorun Wastes:

A frozen wasteland of an icy sea and solidly frozen, razor-sharp icebergs. Travel with care by staying out of the extremely cold water and find some Ice-type Pokémon that are roaming on the icebergs. During winter, the area is completely frozen over. It is then that you will see lots of Chicube that are cheerfully running around, along with many other Ice-type Pokémon that are commonly found all over the place. In December you will get the chance to find the elusive Niklus. On the largest iceberg of the wastes, the Askorun Gym is located. Travel with care and withstand the cold to reach it and claim your second badge.

The second gym is found at these wastes.

15. Askorun Gym: Iceberg Badge

The Askorun Gym is a wooden shed, located at the top of the largest iceberg of the Askorun Wastes. Inside, a comfortable fireplace is keeping temperatures from falling too low. The closer you get to Gym Leader Maurice, though, the colder it gets. Maurice does not mind the cold at all and spends his days exploring the mysteries of the Askorun Wastes. He specializes in Ice-type Pokémon. If you manage to beat him, Maurice will reward you with the Iceberg Badge. This Badge allows you to use #HM01 Cut, which you can use to get rid of vegetation and find valuable hidden items.

The Iceberg Badge allows you to use #HM01 Cut.

16. Cryovolcano:

Somewhere near the Askorun Gym, a large cryovolcano is found. This ice-cold volcano balances the hot one on Bombur's Southern Island. The cryovolcano is contantly giving off freezing steam and it is therefore dangerous to visit it. However, because of its smooth surface, it is the best spot to perfect your snowboarding techniques and to capture some Ice-type Pokémon on the way down. It is rumored that one of the legendary Apes of the Apocalypse is imprisoned deep within the Cryovolcano.

17. Route E: Route C - Vantos Village

This route branches off from Route C. It leads travellers away from the Bastion Plains to the Vantos Peninsula, which is a windy peninsula that ends in steep cliffs on Bombur's northern coast. Vantos Village is located there. Before you reach the peninsula, though, you will cross a small river with a permanently delicious smell, which is aptly named 'Parfum River'. The winds that flow from the Vantos Peninsula make the scent of the river stronger and the area it reaches much larger. Some unique Pokémon are attracted to the smell of this river; Lillute in particular are a common sight here, providing the area with pleasant tunes as well.

18. Vantos Village: Eye of the Storm

Vantos Village is located at the end of the Vantos Peninsula and is situated on the edge of the steep cliffs of Bombur's northern coast. Violent winds circle around the village and the only way to enter it is by using #HM07 Trailblaze to be able to run through the winds. Oddly enough, once you are inside the village, the sky is calm with gentle winds blowing. Some therefore claim that Vantos Village is located in the eye of a massive, permanent storm. The village is full of windmills, and is one of the food-providing towns in Bombur. Villagers love to use their kites; the Obdraycere-kite being their favorite. There are competitions for Flying- and Wind-type Pokémon held daily in and around the town, with rare items as prizes, so be sure to get your hands on your very own Kite. The many wind turbines in this village are one of the two main sources of Bombur's energy needs.

19. Route F: Bastion City - Vintage City

This route is the second route that leads from Bastion City. From one large city to another, this route also leads to the edge of the vast waters of Vintage Lake. It is said that this route was created when a large dragon coated with dew made its way from Bastion City to Vintage Lake. It thereby created a path that was characterized by several streams and large puddles of water, before making its home somewhere at the bottom of the lake.