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HM List

The following list shows the Hidden Machines that can be found in Bombur and other regions. Move info is included, just as the location where you can obtain them. In Bombur the four HMs that have been in every generation so far (Cut, Fly, Surf and Strength) are back, and they are joined by six more moves. For reference to the locations mentioned below, view the Map of Bombur.

Generation V
Generation IV
Generation III
Generation II
Generation I

#01Cut305095requiredDecorus WoodsWoodcutter HuckCut down small bushes that may block your path.
#02Fly159095optionalFeather CliffAeronaut HawkFly to any town you've previously visited.
#03Surf1595100requiredAnchore PortsFisherman BaytRide on a pokemon across water.
#04Strength1580100requiredCargan GraveyardGravekeeper DougAllows you to push boulders around.
#05GuidingLight5--100requiredCollucere LighthouseLighthouse Keeper LumbardCreates a magical light that guides you through dark areas.
#06Dive1080100optionalFerrarum FortressDiver CoralAllows you to dive underwater.
#07Trailblaze200100requiredAskorun TownExpeditioner HillaryAllows you to run quickly up icy slopes and through violent storms.
#08Rock Climb209085requiredMajestic Mountains TrailOld Man on Mt. Pinnacle SummitAllows you to quickly clamber up rocky slopes.
#09Magic Bean1090100optionalSilvos Edge VillageMysterious Boy Jack
#10Travel158095optionalPFL HQResearcher Devan