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DP Font Pack | 18K | .TTF (TrueType Font)

The fonts used to make dex entries. Made by Bonzai; remember to read the readme!
If you have trouble separating the bold and shadowed versions, please try this version.

The RSE Font | 22K | .TTF (TrueType Font)

The font we use to make dex entries, made by old-time staffer Aspenth. Please credit with a link if you post your use of it online.


The PF Staff | 395K | JPEG

A group photo of your favourite Staff members. This group photo contains staff members from the GSC to RSE periods.

Happy Holidays! | 240K | JPEG

Wishing all of our contributors, affiliates, and everyone else a fantastic holiday!

Team Leaders | 740K | PNG

The leaders of the three crime syndicate teams in Bombur: Team Shadow, Team Uppercut, and Team Lotus. The teams seek to rule using the three Legendary Apes, respectively Chimplague, Ragnorilla, and Despotutan.


The PF Game | Flash Game

A quick level of a Flash game. Play as Bonzai, collecting energy crystals to power PF!