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Pokémon Seach Engine

When ShinE created the SuperDex in the FA period, it quickly bloomed into one of the most interesting and informative parts of the Pokémon Factory site. Never before had such detailed information about our pokémon been available.

However, making each entry from scratch turned out to be a huge job, and so it was done infrequently, until the site's move onto a database. Now, we encourage users to give us as much extra info as possible for their pokémon, and the number of detailed SuperDex entries has gone far beyond what we had originally imagined. As with Nintendo, the sheer amount of pokémon made it difficult to even remember all of their names, and nigh impossible to learn all the details for each pokémon.

And so, the Pokémon Search was created. Allowing you to search imaginatively, and presenting you with both perfect matches and relevent entries, it will hopefully make the creation and research of pokémon a cinch.

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