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Pokémon Factory League: Town Info

For further reference: the Bombur Map
Anchore TownAnchore is a small seaside town that has a lot of fishing companies. It is a pleasant, small town, and it is the first town in the Pokémon Factory league. Since the league is in its first year of operation, there is a large population of wannabe trainers who have not been able to start their journeys.
Altum CecidiAltum Cecidi is a small, but wealthy town that is found to the West of the Decorus Woods. It is known most for its main attraction and source of income, the Cecidi Depths. Here, visitors can DIVE for fossils. It also has a Museum, in which various ancient pokémon are shown and players' fossils can be resurrected. Recently, though, entrance to the town has been prohibited because the Museum was robbed...
Bastion CityBastion is the City of Trinities, since trainers can depart from this city into three different directions. It is large and bustling, with a lot of shops. The Fountain of Jirachi, in the main square, is a good place to meet friends; it is also a place to leave them, as the city's other name is the City of Parting Ways. It is said if two or more people flip a coin into the fountain together, they will meet again there one day.
Vantos VillageVantos is the Village of Winds; because of its position on the peninsula, not only is it quite exposed, but it is also right on the edge of the mountain range's wind shadow, meaning if the wind is from the south the speed doubles.
The town itself is full of windmills, and is one of the main food-providing towns on Bombur. It is also the only place to buy a Kite, the Wind-type enhancing item. There are competitions for Flying- and Wind-type pokémon held daily in and around the town, with rare items as prizes.
Askorun TownAskorun is a large town right on the edge of the continent, the final stop before players reach the frigid Askorun Wastes. There is rumoured to be a tidal cave underneath it full of Ice-type pokémon. There are a few houses on the larger icebergs, and some icebergs even have names. In winter, the icebergs all freeze together to add about 2 square miles to Bombur's land area.
Vintage CityVintage is an academic city with a University at its center. It has a thriving arts community and lots of book shops, as do many cities of this nature; however, the arts themselves are the arts of magic, and the book shops all seem to have locked doors somewhere in back...
The large lake is a good destination for extravagant magic shows, usually put on by the university (because there's less to hit on the water). When not in use in this way, it used by pleasure boats. The island in the center of the lake is out of bounds to all except skilled trainers, however.
Nidivum TownA village located near a high cliff. The town's villagers all focus on raising bird-like pokémon. Some breed them, while others train them for the delivery of mail. Eggs and feathers are a common sight here, although not as much as on the nearby Feather Cliff. This village introduced the foundations of Bombur's postal delivery system.
Fulgida Town A small town that is at its most beautiful at night. It is matched by no other village in its illuminating capabilities. Lights are present in all shapes and colors and even the stars in the sky above it seem to shine brighter than anywhere else. The mysterious Dy'mn Stream runs through this village, and some equally mysterious ruins are found nearby.
Goodwill Passage TownThis small town at the base of Mt. Pinnacle shares its name with the tunnel passing under the mountain, a tunnel emerging in a desert area beyond the mountain range. Long ago, a journeying priest founded the town to assist those who had been lost in the desert. Nowadays, however, far fewer people get stranded in that desert, and life goes on in Goodwill Passage as it does in any other small mountain town.
Collucere TownCollucere Town is situated on an island to the East of Goodwill Passage Town, and the town's Lighthouse stops ships crashing into the dangerous rocks by the mountains. The Lighthouse contains many Light-type Pokémon, and also a special item available here, but it is only open to skilled trainers.
Maerd TownMaerd is a small town on the edge of the desert. Its residents are mostly skilled psychics, and they are the first line of defense against the evil in the desert. The desert is used for mental training, in the forms of meditation and fasting.
Maerd is home to the Dream Tower, and the Gym is on the highest-but-one floor. No-one is quite sure what lies on the top floor, apart from the leader himself. Rumour has it that it is some sort of defense power, and that it is the reason there are so many gifted psychics.
Calida HarborCalida is a large town that is the main public sea port for Bombur; there is a regular ferry between here, Anchore, Collucere, Vantos, and some of the larger islands. Its denizens are mostly boaters and snorkelers, and there are speedboat races and dive trips in the bay. There is also a large population of surfers, because the cone shape and effect of the sea between Bombur and Southern Island enhances (nay, amplifies) waves into the bay.
Ardor CityA large industrial port, Bombur's international port is used by the scientific staff at the volcano for research and building materials. There are regular ferries between Olivine in Johto, Vermillion in Kanto, Slateport in Hoenn, Sunyshore in Sinnoh, and Inhar in Selenica, bringing in scientists to examine the apparently Bombur-exclusive Light and Wind types, as well as other mysteries and oddities on the continent.
Silvos Edge VillageA very small village located at the edge of the large Manifold Forest. The village is made entirely from wood, and the very few inhabitants all live in treehouses. The villagers make sure no-one enters the protected Manifold Forest, in which rare species of pokémon live their lives in peace and harmony.
PFL HQAfter getting past Victory Road, trainers must gain entry to the PFL HQ. Therein lies the trainer's final challenge before he or she is acknowledged as an Elite Trainer. However, very few know what is inside the HQ, and their lips are sealed.