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Webmaster, Suggestions Board Manager, Coding, Odd Jobs

A loyal follower of the Pokémon Factory almost since it was first started, I have been a respected member of the PF community for a few years, and am happy to help out now that it is returning to the fore. I always try to stay objective when reviewing ideas, and can be counted on to help if you're having trouble with your Pokédex data.
2001 ~ Present
Board username: Poryhedron
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Coding, Art, Odd Jobs

I've been following Pokémon in almost every media style since I got Pokémon Red for my birthday in '98. I found PF in late 99 and sent in a few suggestions (none of which were published), and exchanged emails with the old artist Aspenth a few times. I was sad to see it go, happy to see it come back, and even happier to be a part of it.
2002 ~ Present
Board username: BonzaiRob
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CG Artist, Shine Artist, Odd Jobs

When I first found PF I was amazed by the quality of its fan-made pokémon. I discovered the Suggestions Board and started suggesting, with Lickityke as my first. With the shinies still present in R/S I felt PF could use shinies too, and ended up being PF's first Shine Artist. Eventually, I improved my spriting skills and I'm currently one of the PokéDex Artists. With the ever higher quality of PF's current pokémon, I'm still as happy as ever I found PF back then.
2003 ~ Present
Board username: Shining ShinE
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Concept Artist, CG Artist, Odd Jobs

I got into Pokémon thanks to the TV series (I never had a Game Boy of any kind, all I know about the games is by investigating on the Internet). I started inventing my own pokémon almost from the start. For some years I didn't know that other people had the same hobby, until I found one of PF's SE dexes on a very well known Pokémon site. After I saw it, I searched for its source and finally I found the site. I had arrived at a time when suggestions were suspended temporarily, so I waited, suggested a few moves, and started getting in touch with the staff, particularly ShinE, who made possible my recruitment. And that's it, here I am!
2004 ~ Present
Board username: Antarctros
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CG Artist

I've been a fan of the Pokémon Factory since just before the original version went offline, and have been suggesting pokemon since it restarted. For a long time I've been tinkering around with sprites; recoloring, splicing, editing and making them, slowly getting better. I'd always wanted to be a member of the staff, and I was ecstatic when I realized that I'd gotten good enough at spriting to be a sprite artist for PF. And now, here I am!
2006 ~ Present
Board username: Miravistel
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CG Artist

I've been a fan of the Pokémon Factory for a while, I still remember that silly old comic strip that it had (with Charbulble and Togetwo). I joined the forums a few years ago, suggested a couple pokémon, and I worked on my spriting skills until I thought I was ready to try out for the job of being a CG artist here, and well, here I am now.
2007 ~ Present
Board username: Blueeyess202


Concept Artist

A great fan of Pokémon, I was somewhat getting tired of waiting for years to see new official Pokémon. So I scoured the internet looking for fanmade pokemon, that was how I found the PF site, I was amazed of their high quality pictures and descriptions. Months later I tried to suggest some of my ideas. Later I tried to put up some sketches, which some of the staff seemed to like. I was tested, I passed and POOF! I have my first job. (That I actually like) ;)
2007 ~ Present
Board username: Cacapulse
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Concept Artist

Like essentially everyone else in Staff, I knew of the Pokémon Factory since its Red and Blue incarnation, when genetic accidents roamed free and cyborg versions of real Pocket Monsters were widely accepted. In any case, things have changed quite a bit since then, but I've remained a member and constantly suggested my ideas. Recently, I was apparently noted for my ability to draw...things, for which I was hired as Concept Artist for the Pokémon Factory. It's turning out to be quite fun, too.
2006 ~ Present
Board username: Darkwolf Cor


Concept Artist

Having lurked around the site for months, I finally plucked up the courage to make an account right after suggestions reopened. The Factory forums being the first message board I ever joined meant that there was (and still is) a lot of things I'm still green at understanding, but that will certainly pass with time. Thanks to my attempts at visualising other member's suggestions I was offered a place among the staff remarkably quickly, an offer which I jumped at equally quickly (and gratefully too!) So here I am now, ready and waiting to sketch up any'mon you care to name!
2010 ~ Present
Board username: SCD
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Poster Artist, PF League Moderator, Concept Artist

I'm from the beginning of the PFA-era and have been with PF for about 4 years. My first suggestion happened to be a Farfetch'd evolution named 'Plausible which became 'Mpossible; my first approved suggestion was Plateepus in the RSE-style archives. I am interested in evolution rather than new species, often thinking of new ways for Pokemon to develop and grow. After 3 and a half years, my participation on the boards was rewarded with something I had long given up on - I became a staff member. I am a Concept and Poster Artist and help out frequently with players of the PFL RPG. I'm a bit immature, so bear with me, but I sincerely try the best I can. My staff avatar is Deckadecu, my moniker is DeckuZora, I am here to have a blast!
2010 ~ Present
Board username: DeckuZora
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PF League Admin

When I was just a lad, I stumbled upon a little site named 'The Pokemon Factory.' I attempted to suggest a pokemon under the sites first iteration, but it wasn't meant to be. Then the site closed, came back up again, I lost it, and then I found it again. I watched from the shadows, enjoying the hard work of the Staff and the creativity of the Pokemon fandom. Being the shy person I am. I only have one evolutionary-line approved at time of writing. I wanted to be a sprite artist but my skills were never on par (and still aren't), but I was fortunate enough to be given a job as the Pokemon Factory League Administrator (sounds official, huh?). I enjoy working with the Staff and hope to do so in the long future.
2009 ~ Present
Board username: Squirrelay


Pokengine Manager, Mini Artist

I found out about the site some years ago, back near the middle of the RSE era. I would check in occasionally, and at one point in my life when I was obsessed with RPing, I saw the RPG was back up and joined the forums finally under the name of elementalpenguin. It was my goal to join staff ever since I started drawing. Although I'm not good enough to be a concept artist, since I'm one of the main staff members over at Pokengine, our affiliate site, I was offered a job to head up the project over there. I'm also an avid competitive battler, and love doing movesets and especially stats for pokemon. So here I am, having fulfilled my goal, not as a concept artist, but spriting the minis for that project, which is just as exciting. It's great to be working as staff here, and I'm eager to do my job.
2010 ~ Present
Board username: elementalpenguin
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Poster Artist

Not available for comment.


CG Artist

I'm Nev, I like slouching, baggy clothes, and taxidermy, and i've been a faithful lurker for about half my life. I've been spriting a long while but never thought I'd be part of Pokemon Factory. It's great to be here, the Factory was one of my biggest inspirations. I was a reporter for the Daily Bugle before I was bitten by a radioactive spriter. I find the internet very refreshing because I can dispense with the mild mannered alter-ego altogether.
2011 ~ Present
Board username: Nev
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