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Pokémon That Received A Type Change

Due to the introduction of PF's three new, unofficial types - Magic, Light and Wind - existing pokémon gained access to types they didn't have access to before.

For some pokémon this meant that they became capable of using moves of a new type (a notorious examples would be Ninetales and its Magic-type moves).
Other pokémon represented one of these three types so well, that at PF and in Bombur, they gained that particular type. As a result, some of them gained an additional type, while others lost their secondary type in favour of one these new types. Rotom in its Fan Forme is now Wind-type. In this form, it no longer learns Air Cutter; instead, it has access to Windstorm.

Please note: Due to their exceptional nature, legendary pokémon are exempt from type changes. The only exception to this rule is Tornadus; however, in Bombur it has been spotted both as pure Flying-type and Wind/Flying-type.

Below, a complete list of Nintendo pokémon and their type changes is found. Click here for a list of moves that received a type change.

Nintendo Pokémon

The following Nintendo pokémon either gained an additional type, or went through a type change:

#170 Chinchou


#171 Lanturn


#181 Ampharos


#313 Volbeat


#314 Illumise


#429 Mismagius


#479 Rotom
in Fan forme


#641 Tornadus


Please note: this list is final. We do not accept any further suggestions for other type changes.

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