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Changed Nintendo Move: Whirlwind

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Type -type Category Origin Changed Nintendo
The foe is blown away, to be replaced by another Pokémon in its party. In the wild, the battle ends.
Power0 Accuracy100 PP20
Priority-6 TargetSingle Pokémon except user Signature moveNo
Contact: No
Blocked by Protect: No
Blocked by Magic Coat: No
Stolen by Snatch: No
Used by Mirror Move: No
Boosted by King's Rock: No
Sound-based: No
The user forces the target to flee (if wild) or switch out to the next pokemon in line that has not fainted (if in a trainer battle). This move will fail if the target is under the effect of an ability or move that prevents switching (e.g. Suction Cups, Ingrain).
This move has a priority of -6, and therefore will always go after other moves during the turn, unless the target uses a move with a lesser or equal (in which case move order is determined by Speed) priority.
This move may affect anyone facing or adjacent to the user in a triple battle.

Pokémon that learn Whirlwind by level-up:

Pokémon that learn Whirlwind as an Egg move: