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Changed Nintendo Move: Camouflage

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Type -type Category Origin Changed Nintendo
The user's type is changed depending on its environment, such as at water's edge, in grass, or in a cave.
Power0 Accuracy0 PP20
Priority0 TargetSingle Pokémon except user Signature moveNo
Contact: No
Blocked by Protect: No
Blocked by Magic Coat: No
Stolen by Snatch: No
Used by Mirror Move: No
Boosted by King's Rock: No
Sound-based: No
The user's type depends on the terrain the user stands on:
If used on grasslands or water puddles, the user becomes Grass-type.
If used on sand or marsh, the user becomes Ground-type.
If used on rocky surfaces and caves, the user becomes Rock-type.
If used on or under water, the user becomes Water-type.
If used on snowy fields or ice, the user becomes Ice-type.
If used on a plain terrain, a building floor, or in the Cyber Realm, the user becomes Normal-type.
If used on the supernatural desert, the user becomes Dark-type.
If used in the Sky Realm, the user becomes Wind-type.

Pokémon that learn Camouflage by level-up: