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Pokémon Placing List

This list shows the location of all pokémon available on the continent of Bombur. The list is final and not subject to change. It is subject to addition, however; every time a new Archive Page gets added to the site, the 25 new pokémon will appear in this list as well.

Important rules:

  • For pokémon in the Rare category: please clear it with a member of staff before battling one in the Pokémon Factory League.
  • Pokémon of a higher level than the maximum specified for their area are considered to be Rare and are subject to the previous rule.
  • The same goes for shiny pokémon.
  • For pokémon listed in the Trading section, please ask a member of staff to play a character for you to trade with at the specified location.

Anchore Lab (Starters) | Anchore Ports | Route A | Decorus Woods | Routes B, C, F, G, I and J | Grandis Forest | Route D | Askorun Wastes (Icebergs) | Route E | Parfum River (Route E) | Bastion City (Silph Co. Building) | Vintage Lake and Pagan River | Tejina Library | Pagan Forest | Dy'mn Stream (Route G) | Ruins of Cipher | Route H | Feather Cliff | Majestic Mountains Trail | Mt. Pinnacle Summit | Grandis River (Route J) | Collucere Lighthouse | Goodwill Passage | Route K | Dream Tower | Cargan Graveyard | Cargan Desert (Route L) | Cargan Beach (Route M) | Southern Island - Route N | Southern Island - Ardor Volcano and Caverns | Southern Island - Calida River | Southern Island - Hot Springs | Southern Island Coast (Route O) | The Calm Sea (Routes O, P, Q, and Z) | Southern Island - Torkenhow Hills | Ferrarum Fortress | Routes R, S and T | Victory Road | Cecidi Depths | Sky Realm | Cyber Realm | Bastion Space Research Center | Planetary Isles | Majestic Mountains Tunnel System | The Rough Sea (Ferry Routes U, V, W, X and Y) | Trading


Max. Level: 70