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#FA234: Wilsp: SuperDex Entry

Suggested by: Blinx900

Data Ability Class Dex Flavor Evo Info Location Egg Breeding
Type Chart Training Stats Move List Egg Moves HM Moves TM Moves Move Tutors
Regional Dex
Bombur: Advanced
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Bombur: Advanced Generation (PFA)
Pokémon Data
Name Pokédex Type Height Weight
#FA234 Wilsp
Burning Pokémon
Levitate Gives immunity to GROUND but weakness to WIND.
Type Color Body Style Habitat
Pokédex Flavor
Ruby Sapphire Wilsp are said to be reincarnations of will-o'-the wisp. These Pokémon are constantly burning; their flames never die out. The small fireballs that circle around them have tiny dots, which appear to serve as eyes.
Evolution Chain
Basic Stage
Location Report
Location Rarity Time Season Weather Max. Level
Vintage Lake Uncommon Evening, Night All All Lv. 25
Route H Uncommon (water) Evening, Night All All Lv. 25
Pagan Forest Rare All All All Lv. 25
Breeding Chain
Parent »»» Egg »»» Baby
Breeding Details
Gender Ratio Egg Group Steps to Hatch Egg Cycles
5355 Steps 21
Type Chart
Takes 0x damage from  
Takes ¼x damage from  
Takes ½x damage from  
Takes 2x damage from  
Takes 4x damage from  
Move List
Level Move Name Type Category Power Accuracy PP Effect Rate
-- Ember 40 100% 25 10%
The foe is attacked with small flames. The target may also be left with a burn.
-- Will-O-Wisp -- 75% 15 100%
The user shoots a sinister, bluish white flame at the foe to inflict a burn.
25 Crimson Daze 40 100% 20 100%
The user emits a bright burst of flames that dazzles the foe. The foe is left confused if it hits.
30 Flamethrower 95 100% 15 10%
The foe is scorched with an intense blast of fire. The target may also be left with a burn.
35 Magma Cager 60 90% 5 --
A sphere of magma that will harden.
40 Dying Embers 160 90% 10 --
The foe is attacked for five turns with a raging fire that slowly dies down, each turn halving in power.
45 Magic Circle -- 85% 5 --
A mystic field entraps the foe, preventing escape and item use. Lasts 3 turns or until user leaves.
50 Ceremony -- -- 10 --
A long rite that grants power.
60 Magic Flames 80 80% 10 --
Drilling flames encircle foe.
65 Rejuvenate -- -- 5 --
Use magical power to restore energy.
70 Blue Fire 100 100% 5 --
Freezing flames are thrown at foe.
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