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#FA015: Stegasault: SuperDex Entry

Suggested by: ShinE

Data Ability Class Dex Flavor Evo Info Location Egg Breeding
Type Chart Training Stats Move List Egg Moves HM Moves TM Moves Move Tutors
Regional Dex
Bombur: Advanced
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Bombur: Advanced Generation (PFA)
Pokémon Data
Name Pokédex Type Height Weight
#FA015 Stegasault
Stegosaur Pokémon
Illuminate Raises the likelihood of meeting wild Pokémon.
Solar Panels Boosts in sunshine, but lowers in rain.
Type Color Body Style Habitat
Pokédex Flavor
Ruby Sapphire The longer it stays in the sun, the more energy it stores. Thus its attacks become more powerful. Some Stegasault are specifically trained to provide humans with energy, in addition to their own usage.
Evolution Chain
Basic Stage »»» Stage 1 »»» Stage 2
lv. 18
lv. 36
Location Report
Location Rarity Time Season Weather Max. Level
Collucere Lighthouse Uncommon Morning, Day All All Lv. 30
Friend Area
Badlands: Ravaged Field
Breeding Chain
Parent »»» Egg »»» Baby
Breeding Details
Gender Ratio Egg Group Steps to Hatch Egg Cycles
5355 Steps 21
Type Chart
Takes 0x damage from  
Takes ¼x damage from  
Takes ½x damage from  
Takes 2x damage from  
Takes 4x damage from  
Move List
Level Move Name Type Category Power Accuracy PP Effect Rate
-- Tackle 50 100% 35 --
A physical attack in which the user charges and slams into the target with its whole body.
-- Growl -- 100% 40 --
The user growls in an endearing way, making the foe less wary. The target's Attack stat is lowered.
-- Thundershock 40 100% 30 10%
A jolt of electricity is hurled at the foe to inflict damage. It may also leave the foe paralyzed.
-- Charge -- -- 20 --
The user boosts the power of the Electric move it uses next. It also raises the user's Sp. Def stat.
24 Rage 20 100% 20 --
While this move is in use, it gains attack power each time the user is hit in battle.
32 Thunderbolt 95 100% 15 10%
A strong electric blast is loosed at the foe. It may also leave the foe paralyzed.
38 Take Down 90 85% 20 --
A reckless, full-body charge attack for slamming into the foe. It also damages the user a little.
40 Spikes -- -- 20 --
The user lays a trap of spikes at the foe's feet. The trap hurts foes that switch into battle.
46 Thunder 120 70% 10 30%
A wicked thunderbolt is dropped on the foe to inflict damage. It may also leave the target paralyzed.
Egg Moves
Move Name Type Category Power Accuracy PP Effect Rate
Body Slam 85 100% 15 30%
The user drops onto the foe with its full body weight. It may leave the foe paralyzed.
Discharge 80 100% 15 30%
A flare of electricity is loosed to strike all Pokémon in battle. It may also cause paralysis.
Iron Tail 100 75% 15 30%
The foe is slammed with a steel-hard tail. It may also lower the target's Defense stat.
Light Screen -- -- 30 --
A wondrous wall of light is put up to suppress damage from special attacks for five turns.
Power Gem 70 100% 20 --
The user attacks with a ray of light that sparkles as if it were made of gemstones.
Signal Beam 75 100% 15 10%
The user attacks with a sinister beam of light. It may also confuse the target.
Superpower 120 100% 5 --
The user attacks the foe with great power. However, it also lowers the user's Attack and Defense.
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