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#FA214: Revenjoust: SuperDex Entry

Suggested by: Blueeyess202

Data Ability Class Dex Flavor Evo Info Location Egg Breeding
Type Chart Training Stats Move List Egg Moves HM Moves TM Moves Move Tutors
Regional Dex
Bombur: Advanced
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Bombur: Advanced Generation (PFA)
Pokémon Data
Name Pokédex Type Height Weight
#FA214 Revenjoust
Revenge Pokémon
Shadow Tag Prevents the foe from escaping.
Type Color Body Style Habitat
Pokédex Flavor
Ruby Sapphire First seen in medieval times, Revenjoust are said to be ghosts of Pokémon who lost their Trainers during jousting tournaments and died because of woe. They're back to seek revenge upon the victors.
Evolution Chain
Basic Stage
Location Report
Location Rarity Time Season Weather Max. Level
Cargan Graveyard Uncommon Evening, Night All All Lv. 35
Breeding Chain
Parent »»» Egg »»» Baby
Breeding Details
Gender Ratio Egg Group Steps to Hatch Egg Cycles
5355 Steps 21
Type Chart
Takes 0x damage from  
Takes ¼x damage from  
Takes ½x damage from  
Takes 2x damage from  
Takes 4x damage from  
Move List
Level Move Name Type Category Power Accuracy PP Effect Rate
-- Astonish 30 100% 15 30%
The user attacks the foe while shouting in a startling fashion. It may also make the target flinch.
-- Shadowy Eyes 30 100% 15 --
A ghastly glare to scare the target.
-- Whisper -- 100% 25 --
Draws foe w/barely audible sounds.
21 Pursuit 40 100% 20 --
An attack move that inflicts double damage if used on a foe that is switching out of battle.
29 Prod 15 95% 25 --
Pokes foe to lower defense.
40 Payback 50 100% 10 --
If the user can use this attack after the foe attacks, its power is doubled.
57 Phantom Moan -- -- 10 --
An eerie moan floats on the air.
68 Mutiny -- 80% 15 --
The target's mind is filled with mutinous thoughts, making them disobedient for three turns.
75 Malice Eater 100 100% 10 --
The user eats the thoughts of a disobedient target. Half the damage caused is sent to heal the user's HP.
81 Joust 110 75% 10 --
Rams foe with lance forward.
90 Soul Devour -- 40% 5 --
Consumes the life force of the foe.
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