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#FA198: Majestiti: SuperDex Entry

Suggested by: PF Staff

Data Ability Class Dex Flavor Evo Info Location Egg Breeding
Type Chart Training Stats Move List Egg Moves HM Moves TM Moves Move Tutors
Regional Dex
Bombur: Advanced
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Bombur: Advanced Generation (PFA)
Pokémon Data
Name Pokédex Type Height Weight
#FA198 Majestiti
Peacekeeper Pokémon
Serene Grace Boosts the likelihood of added effects appearing.
Type Color Body Style Habitat
Pokédex Flavor
Ruby Sapphire Majestiti brings peace and justice wherever it goes. Its knowledge of the magic arts is unparalleled. In the distant past, it used its powers to help humans defeat and imprison the evil Apes of the Apocalypse.
Evolution Chain
Basic Stage
Location Report
Location Rarity Time Season Weather Max. Level
Area Unknown.
Breeding Chain
Does not breed.
Breeding Details
Gender Ratio Egg Group Steps to Hatch Egg Cycles
No Eggs
20655 Steps 81
Type Chart
Takes 0x damage from  
Takes ¼x damage from  
Takes ½x damage from  
Takes 2x damage from  
Takes 4x damage from  
Training Details
Base Happiness Capture Rate Wild Hold Item Growth Group
70 0
Medium Fast
1,000,000 Points
Base Stats HP Attack Defense Sp. Attack Sp. Defense Speed
100 100 94 120 126 140
Total: 680
Effort Points
Move List
Level Move Name Type Category Power Accuracy PP Effect Rate
-- Quick Spell 40 100% 30 10%
The user casts a simple spell that always goes first. It may also leave the foe confused.
-- Double Team -- -- 15 --
By moving rapidly, the user makes illusory copies of itself to raise its evasiveness.
-- HealingSpell -- -- 15 --
Summon life energy to heal yourself.
10 Swift 60 -- 20 --
Star-shaped rays are shot at the foe. This attack never misses.
15 Magic Circle -- 85% 5 --
A mystic field entraps the foe, preventing escape and item use. Lasts 3 turns or until user leaves.
20 Agility -- -- 30 --
The user relaxes and lightens its body to move faster. It sharply boosts the Speed stat.
25 Bibliomancy -- -- 10 --
Pick a page, any page.
30 Ethereal Ray 70 90% 5 --
Otherworldly light engulfs target.
35 Psychic 90 100% 10 10%
The foe is hit by a strong telekinetic force. It may also reduce the foe's Sp. Def stat.
40 Ceremony -- -- 10 --
A long rite that grants power.
45 Safeguard -- -- 25 --
The user creates a protective field that prevents status problems for five turns.
50 Harmony -- 90% 10 --
Fill arena with soothing harmony.
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