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#FA154: Drachine: SuperDex Entry

Suggested by: Ryu Shikaze

Data Ability Class Dex Flavor Evo Info Location Egg Breeding
Type Chart Training Stats Move List Egg Moves HM Moves TM Moves Move Tutors
Regional Dex
Bombur: Advanced
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Bombur: Advanced Generation (PFA)
Pokémon Data
Name Pokédex Type Height Weight
#FA154 Drachine
Failure Pokémon
Hustle Boosts the Attack stat, but lowers accuracy.
Intimidate Lowers the foe's Attack stat.
Type Color Body Style Habitat
Pokédex Flavor
Ruby Sapphire An attempt by man to harness the power of ancient dragons, Drachine is a spectacular failure, as all this Pokémon cares about is trying to show that it is stronger than everything and everyone else.
Evolution Chain
Basic Stage
Location Report
Location Rarity Time Season Weather Max. Level
Torkenhow Hills Uncommon All All All Lv. 55
Breeding Chain
Parent »»» Egg »»» Baby
Breeding Details
Gender Ratio Egg Group Steps to Hatch Egg Cycles
5355 Steps 21
Type Chart
Takes 0x damage from  
Takes ¼x damage from  
Takes ½x damage from  
Takes 2x damage from  
Takes 4x damage from  
Move List
Level Move Name Type Category Power Accuracy PP Effect Rate
-- Fury Attack 15 85% 20 --
The foe is jabbed repeatedly with a horn or beak two to five times in a row.
-- Tech.error -- 70% 20 --
Causes foe to use the wrong move.
11 Scary Face -- 100% 10 --
The user frightens the foe with a scary face to sharply reduce its Speed stat.
16 Calibrate -- -- 15 --
Programmed Pokémon adjusts its aim.
22 Metal Claw 50 95% 35 10%
The foe is raked with steel claws. It may also raise the user's Attack stat.
27 Dragon Rage -- 100% 10 --
The foe is stricken by a shock wave. This attack always inflicts 40 HP damage.
33 Metal Sound -- 85% 40 --
A horrible sound like scraping metal is emitted to sharply reduce the foe's Sp. Def stat.
38 DragonBreath 60 100% 20 30%
The user exhales a mighty gust that inflicts damage. It may also paralyze the target.
44 Lock-On -- -- 5 --
The user takes sure aim at the foe. It ensures the next attack does not fail to hit the target.
49 Dragon Claw 80 100% 15 --
The user slashes the target with huge, sharp claws.
55 Silver Teeth 80 100% 15 20%
The user chomps on the target with shiny metal fangs. It may also lower the target's Defense stat.
60 Agility -- -- 30 --
The user relaxes and lightens its body to move faster. It sharply boosts the Speed stat.
66 Stainless -- -- 5 --
The user alters their metal skin's structure to prevent corrosion, making it immune to status and stat drops.
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