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Nintendo Move: Aeroblast

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Type -type Category Origin Nintendo
A vortex of air is shot at the target to inflict damage. It has a raised critical hit rate.
Power100 Accuracy095 PP05
Priority0 TargetSingle Pokémon except user Signature moveYes
Contact: No
Blocked by Protect: Yes
Blocked by Magic Coat: No
Stolen by Snatch: No
Used by Mirror Move: Yes
Boosted by King's Rock: Yes
Sound-based: No
This move has a higher-than-normal chance of inflicting a Critical Hit (12.5%) on the target.
In a triple battle, this move may target anyone other than the user.

This move is the signature move of Lugia, and is not available for use in other suggestions' movelists.

Pokémon that learn Aeroblast by level-up:

None found.