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PF Ability: Terramorph

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Categories: Misc.
This Pokémon's appearance and secondary type change depending on the terrain in the area.

Desert and Mountain: Desert forme. Becomes part-Rock-type.
Forest and Grassland: Forest forme. Becomes part-Grass-type.
Graveyard: Graveyard forme. Becomes part-Ghost-type.
Tundra and Polar: Ice forme. Becomes part-Ice-type.
Ocean: Sea forme. Becomes part-Water-type.
Volcano and deep underground: Volcano forme. Becomes part-Fire-type.

Cyber Realm: Cyber forme. Becomes part-Normal-type.
Sky Realm, or too far from natural terrain: Sky forme. Becomes part-Flying-type.

Transforms depending on natural energy in the region.

Main Examples: