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Nintendo Ability: Multiscale

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Categories: Alters Damage Taken
Pokémon with this Ability are covered in a layer of super-tough scales that protect the bearer from severe harm, but slough off after a single hit. If the Bearer is at full HP all forms of damage inflicted upon it are reduced in severity by 50%; the Ability deactivates as soon as the bearer is not at full HP, and is however reactivated if the Bearer is healed to full HP again. This Ability is only active for the first hit of multi-hit moves. If the Bearer is behind a Substitute and is at full HP this Ability comes into effect for the Substitute as well, and all damage it suffers is reduced by half until it breaks or the Pokémon behind the Substitute somehow loses HP.

This Ability is Dream World-exclusive.

Reduces damage when HP is full.

Main Examples: