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Changed Nintendo Ability: Forewarn

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Categories: Misc.
This Pokémon's psychic senses are so well-developed that is able to identify the strongest attack (in terms of base power) that the opponent has learned. It does not hesitate to share this knowledge with its trainer.
This Ability activates upon switch-in. If two or more of the opponent's moves are of the same base power, this Ability will randomly select one. Forewarn will also only identify one move among all opponents in a double or triple battle. Damaging moves that do not have a base power are temporarily assigned one, as shown below:

160: Curare Dart, Doom Spell, Fissure, Garotte Vine, Guillotine, Horn Drill, Iron Blade, Justice, Megavolt, Meltdown, Petrify, Quicksand, Scream, Sheer Cold and Soul Devour
150: Demolisher, Eruption, Gamble, Roulette, SecretWeapon, Slots, Water Spout and Zero Oxygen
120: Counter, Metal Burst and Mirror Coat
80: Barbed Spear, Beat Up, Blight, Combo, Crush Grip, Dragon Rage, Endeavor, Flail, Fling, Frustration, Grass Knot, Gyro Ball, Heat Crash, Heavy Slam, Hidden Power, Hyper Spin, Inject, Judo Slam, Low Kick, Magnitude, Natural Gift, Necromancy, Night Shade, Pendulum, Psywave, Punishment, Return, Reversal, Seismic Toss, SonicBoom, Super Fang, Time Slice, Trailblaze, Trump Card, Upchuck, Vengeance and Wring Out
0: Everything without a fixed Base Power not listed above.

Determines what moves a foe has.

Main Examples: