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Changed Nintendo Ability: Forecast

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Categories: Is Affected by Weather
A variable molecular structure allows this Pokémon to alter it's shape and elemental type in accordance with the weather.

The type of a Pokémon with this Ability will change as follows:
Fire-type if it is sunny.
Ice-type if it is hailing.
Water-type if it is raining.
Electric-type if there is a thunderstorm.
Rock-type if there is a sandstorm.
Wind-type if there is a tornado on the field.
Poison-type if acid rain is falling.
Dark-type if the sky is unnaturally black.

It will return to being Normal-type if it is foggy, Shadow Sky is in effect, the weather returns to normal naturally, or a Pokémon with Cloud Nine or Air Lock comes onto the field. If a Pokémon with this Ability has its type changed through other means, such as Soak or Conversion, its type will be reverted to match that of the current weather condition at the end of the turn.
This Ability will not work for any Pokémon that acquires it other than Castform and Castorm. If either of these Pokémon loses their Ability, they will be stuck in whatever form they were in until they reacquire the Ability through any means.

The Pokémon transforms with the weather.

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