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Nintendo Ability: Anticipation

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Categories: Misc.
A Pokémon with this Ability has a sixth sense when it comes to incoming harmful attacks. The Pokémon will shudder when it enters battle against an opponent bearing a super-effective attack, a one-hit KO move, or the moves Selfdestruct and Explosion. It will not give an alert to OHKO moves of a type it is immune to. It also does not give an alert to super-effective Counter, Hidden Power, Judgement, Metal Burst, Mirror Coat, Natural Gift, or Weather Ball moves.
If a Pokémon activates Anticipation, that Pokémon cannot use it again until it leaves play, even if it loses and re-gains the Ability through Skill Swap. If a Pokémon that did not initially have this Ability gains it through Skill Swap, Entrainment or Role Play, it will immediately activate.

Senses a foe's dangerous moves.

Main Examples:

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