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Changed Nintendo Move: Razor Wind

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Razor Wind
Type -type Category Origin Changed Nintendo
A two-turn attack. Blades of wind hit the foe on the second turn. It has a high critical-hit ratio.
Power080 Accuracy100 PP10
Priority0 TargetSingle Pokémon except user Signature moveNo
Contact: No
Blocked by Protect: No
Blocked by Magic Coat: No
Stolen by Snatch: No
Used by Mirror Move: No
Boosted by King's Rock: No
Sound-based: No
The user of this move spends one turn charging, and attacks on the second turn. Has a critical hit chance one stage higher than normal (12.5%).
In a triple battle this move targets all adjacent foes, but cannot target allies.

Pokémon that learn Razor Wind by level-up:

Pokémon that learn Razor Wind as an Egg move: