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Nintendo Ability: Sheer Force

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Sheer Force

Categories: Alters Damage Done
Pokémon with this Ability put monstrous amounts of strength and speed into their attacks, but doing so prevents any secondary effects the attacks may have from having time to occur.
Sheer Force boosts the power of direct attacks that have a secondary effect by 30% (x1.3), but negates the chances of the effect happening. Secondary effects include: foe stat reduction, user stat increase, and causing a status condition. Sheer Force does not affect attacks with only primary effects, these being recoil, user stat penalties, increased critical hit ratios, perfect accuracy, multiple turns, and variable Base Powers. If an attack has a primary and secondary effect, such as Flare Blitz, the move receives the power boost and only the secondary effect is negated (in this case, the chance to burn the target).
Sheer Force also negates the effects of items that occur AFTER an attack has been performed, such as Red Card or Eject Button on the defending Pokémon, and Shell Bell or Life Orb recoil on the attacking Pokémon. It also negates the effects of the Ability Color Change on the defending Pokémon.

Removes added effects to increase move damage.

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