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Nintendo Ability: Flower Gift

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Flower Gift

Categories: Is Affected by Weather, Raises Stats
This Pokémon has a close bond with sunlight. When the sun is shining brightly, it grants the gift of a 50% (*1.5) boost to the Attack and Special Defense stats to itself and all allies in double and triple battles. This effect ends if the Ability-bearer is removed from play, loses this Ability, or the intense sunlight ends. These stat boosts cannot be Baton Passed.

This Ability is solely possessed by the below Pokémon, and they are the only Pokémon that can activate it, even if another Pokémon receives it through Role Play, Entrainment, or Trace, or is swapped by Skill Swap.

While Cherrim's forme changes in sunlight as well, this effect is tied to Cherrim simply having Flower Gift as its Ability, and is not a part of the Ability's effect.

Powers up party Pokémon when it is sunny.

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