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PF Ability: Element Cycle

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Element Cycle

Categories: Misc.
At the start of each battle, this Pokémon's types are changed according to the cycles below:

Primary type:

Secondary type:

This Ability activates upon the bearer's switching in, and the change is permanent (even outside battle) until the bearer switches in in a different battle.
This Ability cannot be transferred with Skill Swap, copied with Trace or Role Play, or passed on via Entrainment. It also cannot be changed via Worry Seed, nor can it be replaced with Mummy. A Pokémon with Element Cycle cannot be affected by type-changing moves, such as Soak. If any Pokémon other than Deckadecu somehow acquires this Ability, it does not work. It also may not be used for new Pokémon suggestions.

Cycles through the elements at the start of battle.

Main Examples: