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Nintendo Ability: Cute Charm

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Cute Charm

Categories: Affects Wild Appearances, Causes Status Effects, Has a Field Effect
The adorable face or smooth fur of this Pokémon is so irresistibly cute that a Pokémon of the opposite gender has a 30% chance of becoming infatuated with it every time it hits this Pokémon with a contact move. This Ability fails to work if the attacker is the same gender as the bearer, or if one or both of the battlers are genderless.
If the bearer of this Ability is at the front of the party (even while fainted), the chance of encountering wild Pokémon of the opposite gender to the bearer becomes 66.7%, regardless of gender ratios. This does not, however, affect swarming Pokémon.

Contact with the Pokémon may cause infatuation.

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