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Nintendo Ability: Arena Trap

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Arena Trap

Categories: Affects Wild Appearances, Has a Field Effect, Traps the Foe
A Pokémon with this Ability digs a slippery slope into the ground around it, preventing the opponent's escape (Arena Trap does not affect allies of the bearer). Flying-types, Pokémon with Levitate, and Pokémon affected by Magnet Rise or Telekinesis are unaffeced by this Ability. They can however be affected if they are subject to the effects of Gravity or Smack Down, moves that negate/change Abilites (e.g. Gastro Acid, Simple Beam), moves that will remove the Flying type (e.g. Soak, Camouflage) or by holding an Iron Ball. Arena Trap does not prevent the effect of the Eject Button.
Using Baton Pass or U-Turn, or holding a Shed Shell or Air Balloon will allow a Pokémon to switch out from Arena Trap in all circumstances. If in a wild battle, Run_Away will circumvent the Ability's effect as well.
If in a triple battle, Arena Trap will only trap opponents that are adjacent to the bearer.
Outside of battle, if the bearer is leading the party (even while fainted), the wild Pokémon encounter rate is doubled.

Prevents the foe from fleeing.

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