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PF Ability: Aqua Phase

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Aqua Phase

Categories: Alters Damage Done, Misc.
This Pokémon's control over density allows it to alter Water-type attacks to simulate Ice or Wind-type attacks. If the bearer of this Ability is going to hit a target with a Water move, and the target is not weak to Water but is weak to Ice or Wind, then this Ability activates and the move's type is changed accordingly, to ensure a super-effective hit. If the target is weak to both Ice and Wind, the attack will default to Wind-type.
This Ability does not take any Ability-based vulnerabilities/immunities that the target may have into account when choosing the type to use.

This Ability is exclusive to Aquletale, and may not be used for new Pokémon suggestions.

Can change the phase of Water-type moves to be super-effective.

Main Examples: